3 ways to boost digestion this summer

Boost your digestion

Summer is a time of wonderful food and sizzling BBQ’s. Yet when you have IBS and food intolerance, this can be a tricky time of year for digestion. So here are 3 ways to boost your digestion this summer:

Alternative salads

Although they are supposed to be healthy, foods like lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber can be really difficult to digest.

So eating these, and “hoping for the best” is not be your best option.

Look out for tasty alternatives that you can digest better. You will have to test what works best for you, but consider alternatives like cooked potato salad, cooked veg in a cooked pasta salad, cold quinoa, diced cooked beetroot, sweetcorn, grated carrot with parsley, a few chickpeas, olives, walnuts.

If you buy these in ready to eat forms, they may include other additives that can trigger you, and be much less nutritious.

So try to buy organic, and make them from scratch. Then you know what you are eating!

An alternative salad dressing

Can you digest shop-bought salad dressings?

If not, then try out this tasty alternative made with apple cider vinegar.

Apple cider vinegar is known to help break down protein. So it’s especially useful on a salad to boost your digestion with barbecued meats.

How to make apple cider vinegar dressing

You’ll just need:

  • 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar
  • 1 tablespoon of olive oil
  • A teaspoon of maple syrup to sweeten the dressing (optional).
  • A dash of ground pepper and/or paprika to taste.

Put these into a jar and shake well. Keeps for 5 days in a refrigerator.

Herbs to boost digestion

Herbs have been used for centuries to improve digestion. Yet many of us are not using them anymore.

One of these herbs is thyme. The effects of the thymol it contains are mentioned in different research papers as being beneficial in fighting Candida.

Origano is one of the herbs used to treat SIBO by  Dr. Allison Siebecker, a SIBO researcher and specialist.

Rosemary and basil are reputed for their excellent antibiotic, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties. In other words, they are good for your digestive tract!

All of these herbs are great to use for barbecues. Just add a few sprigs to your marinades, or directly onto the meat or fish.

You can use dried herbs too. I personally prefer to have some fresh growing in the garden near the front door, so I remember to use them often!