Can you see where you’re going with IBS?

Can you see where you're going with IBS

Can you see where you’re going with your IBS?

A few weeks ago I was in the south of France celebrating my 25th wedding anniversary. A quarter of a century as my husband said (not sure how to take that – sounds like a LONG time!!)

One day it POURED with rain non-stop all day.

So we joined droves of people battling along with their umbrellas, heads down, trying to negotiate the slippery wet pavements and not poke anyone in the eye.

We couldn’t look up and enjoy where we were. There was no magical provençale atmosphere that day. We were just getting from A to B.

With IBS, every day used to be a rainy day.

It reminded me of how it used to be when I had chronic IBS all those years. Just getting from A to B. Just getting through the day.

It was such a slog trying to make any headway. And all I could do was look down and try to stay up, try to do my best just to get through each day. Even though I was feeling really rough.

But here’s the thing.

For us it rained for just one day.

The next day the sky was a clear blue and we could actually appreciate walking down the same streets, heads looking upwards, admiring those beautiful provençale buildings, the vivid colours of the bougainvillea – things that we hadn’t even picked up on the day before.

after a rainy day

But when you’re having a rainy IBS day regularly, it gets really hard to do anything else but to look down.

Well I’m here to get you looking up.

Because I know how much of a battle IBS is.

And how lost and alone you can feel.

I’m here to tell you there is hope.

That after the rain there can be the most beautiful rainbow.

the rainbow after a rainy day


About Alison ADENIS

Having battled with chronic IBS for YEARS, I finally found my way out of the IBS maze. I no longer suffer with any IBS symptoms. I understand why I had IBS, and how to break free of IBS symptoms. For good. I was compelled to create Sick of IBS to help other sensitive but determined IBS sufferers find their way out too, and powerfully reclaim vibrant health.