Finding love with IBS (what you need to know)

finding love with IBS

Are you feeling daunted at finding love knowing you have IBS?

Does this feel such a minefield that you don’t even want to go there?

I totally get it (I’ve been there too!)

But don’t let IBS stop you, and keep you in hiding.

Your future “love” will thank you for it.

But it’s so embarrassing!

Yep, it certainly is. And not the easiest of things to talk about.

However you can make this into something that isn’t.

IBS does not make you an awful person. If anything that struggle makes you a much more open, more understanding person.

And those qualities are really attractive! So don’t shrink back. Be proud of who you are.

The bloating is really hard on self-image

Yes, IBS makes us feel less than sexy. For sure!

But there are so many people who don’t have IBS that feel really self-conscious too.

We are not alone with this.

How finding love with IBS can be a great test

I had just split up with someone, and decided that everyone was either married, divorced or wierd. When I met my husband!

I don’t remember exactly when the subject of IBS came up. We had joked after some spontaneous passing of wind. (That actually happens to everyone). And he probably noticed that I drank only water and was very careful what I ate.

HOWEVER there was one fateful moment when it happened. I had taken prep for my colonoscopy, and I woke up with an uneasy warm feeling… it had gone everywhere!

I just wanted a hole to swallow me up.

As I was already late for work, I covered the bed over and planned to get home early and clean everything up.

And when I got in, the sheets had been changed.

That’s one of the reasons I said “yes” to getting married.

Because here was someone who would support me, no matter what.

And that’s what you deserve too.

Other people have hangups too

Finding love when you have IBS does make you feel more vulnerable.

But we forget that other people have their own hangups too!

The person opposite may not have IBS.

BUT they will have their own hangups that they will be trying to hide.

They won’t be zooming in on what’s different about you.

THEY will be painfully aware of what they see as being THEIR OWN shortcomings.

And those will feel to them as if they are MUCH WORSE than anything you could have going on, I can assure you.

Let them know it’s not them

SO if you do have to dash to the toilets, remember to tell them you have IBS.

Just so they won’t be worried when you don’t come back out immediately.

And they won’t be left wondering if they said something wrong…