IBS: Can your liver cause depression and constipation?


INS, depression, constipation and your liver

If you suffer from IBS, constipation and depression, this is something to seriously consider: the domino effect of an overloaded liver and gallbladder.

In a previous article I mentioned how the liver had a vital role in filtering toxins and waste out of the body. I knew about this particularly in conjunction with the build-up of hormones, creating hormonal imbalance in men and women. But it turns out that a badly performing liver and gallbladder can also be behind many other seemingly unrelated symptoms, including depression and constipation.

In our reaction to stress we also release stress hormones into the body systems. And if not evacuated they too can build up as toxins in the body.

The liver and gallbladder cleanse

I recently had this great book by Andreas Moritz recommended to me. It is called The Liver and Gallbladder Miracle Cleanse. He quotes client cases where low elimination of toxins by the liver can cause all sorts of subsequent problems in the body, including constipation, depression, IBS and high cholesterol.

Andreas certainly knows his stuff. The contents are clear, detailed yet very accessible to any reader. In his book he explains how gallstones can build up. These can hinder the proper functioning not only of the gallbladder, but also of the liver.

He outlines a proven cleansing technique to gradually dissolve and eliminate stones and help the liver to function better. He suggests carrying out this cleanse every 3-4 weeks until no more stones are released. For him the ideal time to do this is around the turn of the seasons.

The author clearly explains the basic natural cleanse recipe and thorough details of how to carry out the cleanse. Plus he includes helpful alternative solutions for anyone who is intolerant to the basic cleanse ingredients.

Before proceeding with the liver cleanse, he suggests starting with a colon cleanse (and gives details of these). This is to prevent the released stones from getting stuck in the clogged up colon and create inflammation there. That sounds like very wise advice.

If you are feeling sluggish and you are regularly suffering from depression and constipation, you may find this cleanse worthwhile trying.