IBS: I can’t do what I want


From I can't to how can I

Think of all the things in your life right now that you want to do and can’t. Because of IBS:

Eat what you want to

Actually enjoy food

Eat without any bloating, or pain

Not have to worry about bathroom issues or flare-ups

Not have to wear a mask saying “everything is fine

Actually be and feel fine

Go to a restaurant with friends and have a good time

Have a different job, or a different boss

To go on holiday and actually enjoy it – and to come back feeling energised

Have less pressure

Enjoy yourself

Feel full of energy

Feel passionate about something – not just getting by

Wake up feeling completely rested

“I can’t” was the wall between me and all of that.

This was my list. I was 100% sure  that all of this was out of my reach. It was not possible for me. It was possible for others, not for me.

IBS: I can't to I can

Either I didn’t have enough money,

or I didn’t know how,

or my body wouldn’t let me.

And as time went on, “I can’t” became my middle name. I slowly walled myself into IBS. And everything I really wanted was the other side of that wall.

I felt I was really trying. I felt I was using the courage and little energy I had to fight IBS.

What I didn’t know was that I could play this differently. Like in the pyramid analogy.

I could choose to look for a different perspective, a different way through instead of “I can’t”.

“I can” is not just wishful thinking.

I can do everything on this list every day now.


It is a difficult path I had to walk to allow that all to change.

If you are reading this blog, then you are smart. You have started asking yourself that vital question “How can I…? So keep going.

The answers won’t necessarily come overnight, but by asking yourself the question, and constantly looking for ways of doing this, you are opening yourself up to change.

Change is frightening – but it is the only way forward.

How can you…..?

What are you going to start today to open the future?