IBS: I wish I could digest tasty food

   December 7, 2018

IBS: digest healthy food

Back when I had IBS, I felt deprived when it came round to celebrating Christmas.

So much tasty food. So little I could digest.

I couldn’t ENJOY food. I could just pick out “what I could have”. And if I dared to venture out and have what I really fancied, I knew I would pay the price.

My doctor didn’t seem overly worried about this – but he wasn’t living it.

If I’m honest, the solution is to get rid of your IBS once and for all. That’s what I did and I haven’t looked back. I can eat and digest anything now. Brussles sprouts, onion gravy, bacon – the works.

What’s behind your digestion

The physical side

Behind your bad digestion also hides the traditional range of IBS symptoms like bloating, abdominal cramps and transit problems. Plus you can FEEL when your digestion is off. For me with chronic IBS, this was every day.

When the gut microbiome gets out of balance, the “bad” bacteria proliferate and interfere with digestion. This can lead to different types of dysbiosis, like  Candida and SIBO. If damage occurs to the gut lining you may find you develop leaky gut and more and more food intolerance. I had Candida. And even though I wasn’t “cured” by dealing with it, I did digest much better by dealing with it.

The physical side is just a symptom

We try to fix our disturbed digestion pills and potions, but never get to the root problem.

Few people examine what causes bad digestion in the first place: Our psychological, emotional, energetic and physical reactions to what we perceive as stress. While trigger loops are still going round, your digestion will likely be affected (remember the brain-gut axis we hear so much about). So that is what you need to sort out. And that is the work I specialize in.

To be able to digest tasty food and digest well long-term, your body needs you to calm down. It needs to have space to appease the digestive tract and repair gut damage. And to do be able to do that, your body needs you to examine new ways of experiencing situations that are currently setting off your IBS.

I wasted over 25 years of my life with IBS, not being able to digest tasty food. I wish I had known this earlier.

But you now know…