IBS: In the spirit of Thanksgiving

In the spirit of Thanksgiving

In France we do not celebrate Thanksgiving, but I wanted to write a post in the spirit of Thanksgiving to honor those of you who are celebrating today.

For me the spirit of Thanksgiving is appreciating everything that is going well in our lives, despite the dull ache or searing cramps of IBS. Thinking of those who are not as fortunate to have everything we do, and that we take for granted.

Giving in the spirit of Thanksgiving

This is the time of year I like to donate to charities that support what is important to me.

The big problem in the world that stirs me up the most is HUNGER. It always has. Seeing people suffer because they can’t get what they need just to exist.  11% of people in the world are undernourished.

But apart from donating to amazing charities (for me this is Action Contre la Faim) who send emergency supplies to those people in distress, I have no way of changing hunger in the world.

Not here, right now.

Where does IBS come in?

Here we all are with IBS. It may not be as desperate a problem as hunger in the world. Yet it affects millions of people: 10-15% of the world’s population. That’s a lot of people in regular pain, just getting by and hoping for a better day tomorrow.

For us, IBS symptoms are a big and difficult part of our lives. A major obstacle. IBS stops us feeling alive, getting things done, and being the best version of ourselves.

And yet we are living with food on the table.

WE have that essential vital element to life. We can easily access an abundance of food. 

Yet we can’t digest properly (through no fault of our own) – which means that we can’t take in all the vital nutrients that food is supposed to bring us to let us thrive. We spend all that time in pain or worried about when the next flare-up will erupt.

Seriously, does that sound right to you?

I was stuck in that cycle for YEARS. And you? How long have you been stuck there too?

While I can’t do much today about resolving hunger in the world, I CAN contribute to changing IBS.

That’s why I set up this blog and have started doing IBS coaching. Because going back to a “regular job” while I see so many people struggling with their IBS just isn’t possible.

When I have found out how to change that. 

Being willing to consider physical, emotion, mental and energetic causes to physical symptoms.  And breaking up our specific longstanding patterns. So that great digestion without abdominal pain, bloating and toilet issues becomes a permanent option.

Food for thought

Last weekend I went out for dinner and ordered exactly what I fancied on the menu. The food tasted so good it was amazing. It was a moment of pure pleasure. I went home and had a really great night’s sleep. And the next day I woke up feeling alive and inspired.


That is what I want for you. That’s what I want for everyone. Not just for Thanksgiving but every day. Ultimately finding ways to make this available so that money doesn’t become a barrier. Teaching doctors what they can’t see about IBS so that it becomes mainstream knowledge. 

Using all the time and energy we waste fighting IBS – and using it to thrive and accomplish our burning dreams instead.

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