How to deal with Candida this summer

   August 24, 2017

I went back to Britain this summer to see my family with all best intentions to stay healthy and happy. And I came back with an old “friend”, Candida.

I knew it was Candida for several reasons. I had that distinct pasty taste in my mouth, and a white coated tongue. Whatever I ate I digested really badly. Plus I was tired and bloated, which I hadn’t been in a long while. Also, my immune system took a plunge and I got bronchitis with it. With Candida, I have found I am particularly exposed to any bugs linked to ears, nose, and throat.

The link between the immune system and gut flora may not be immediately obvious. But our gut is a major barrier in our immune system. So if our good gut bacteria is being overrun with the bad, it is logical that we become more easily exposed.

Why I got Candida back

When I go back home it is really hard to eat normally. I was inevitably offered a number of rich, industrial, sugar or flour-rich foods, and tempted by others I can’t buy in France.  So between Mr Kipling’s exceedingly good cakes, crumpets, industrial bread, oily fish and chips, and eating out, my bad gut bacteria had a field day. This along with the emotions/pressure of seeing family, and my digestive tract lit up like a Christmas tree.

How I deal with Candida

I felt really rundown, but not dismayed as I have learned to deal with Candida.

  1. The first thing I did was to get back to eating real food and get cooking. I went off to the local market to buy fresh fish and veg. At first I still had major problems digesting, but at least I knew I was not aggravating the situation by feeding the “bad” bacteria even more.
  2. Then I got out my 100% natural Ergypar treatment and started it as soon as I got back (see below for details).
  3. I rested my body as much as possible to help it get over the bronchitis
  4. I calmed my emotions by deep breathing, sitting quietly in the garden for 5 minutes, and meditating on acceptance ( free app in the Daily Calm section)


I had tried various types of probiotics to improve my gut flora, but they just made things worse for me. I was recommended Ergypar by my local Chemist in France, and I found it particularly effective. Please note that I am in no way connected with the manufacturers of this product.

The product is made by the Laboratoires Nutergia, a well-known and trusted laboratory in France. For detailed information about this product, read this page on their website.

ErgyparI get my Ergypar from my local chemist Unfortunately Ergypar is not widely available outside France. Although this is far from being an ideal solution, the product can be ordered for UK delivery online.

The basic price for a 250 ml bottle is £12-£13. However, shipping costs are quite high (around £9) so the shipped cost to the UK is around £22-£23.

A reader of this blog recommends this site, although she said shipping costs were quite high. (This is not a sponsored link). Please note that they have other products with similar names, so be sure to order the right one.

If you live elsewhere in the world, you could try contacting one of Nutergia’s overseas offices to you and see if they can supply you directly. Alternatively, have a look at the ingredients list and see if you can find a similar product near you.

How I use Ergypar

Nutergia recommends taking one or two 10 – 20 ml capfuls per day in half a glass of water, outside meals. It has quite a bitter taste which you may find difficult if you are feeling nauseous. In this case I would suggest adding 15 ml to one or two litre bottles of water and sipping this throughout the day.

I have only needed to use this treatment once before. I finished one bottle, left a gap of 3 or 4 weeks, and felt I needed a second. Finally I took a third a few months later, and I haven’t needed any more since this last episode.

This time I have been using the product for a week.  I can feel the coating on my tongue is gradually going away, and my digestion is almost back to normal.

I know that if I keep away from sugar and industrial products and stress as much as possible, Candida will not be back.