3 common IBS mistakes you can avoid

   August 3, 2018

There are some common IBS mistakes we make, often through lack of information and understanding. I used to make them too. And piecing this together enabled me to beat IBS.

The most common of all IBS mistakes: Concentrating on symptoms

This has to be the most common of IBS mistakes. Our IBS symptoms drive us mad, and it is natural to want to fix them with something, anything!

visible icebergBut there is a reason why we are not very good at fixing them effectively, and they keep coming back. You may even find you deal with one symptom, just to have a new one start up. It seems like a constant balancing act.

There is a reason why just looking at your IBS symptoms won’t get you very far. They are just the tip of the iceberg, the visible part of your IBS.

Underneath fuelling these symptoms are the real causes of your IBS. And until these causes are located, understood and addressed, your IBS will most likely continue.

Mistake #2: Minimizing the importance of your IBS

We are told that IBS is not a life-threatening condition.

Some people assume or hope that IBS will go away. They try to just shut it out as much as possible and get on with their lives. I get this. I used to do this too.

Then I had a couple of difficult life experiences – ones that everyone goes through sometime in their life, like losing loved ones, having to move for job reasons.

IBS mistakes: fireworksAnd my symptoms went off like a firework, and I started getting Fibromyalgia symptoms too, making life absolutely miserable and impossible.

I realised then that if you don’t listen and work out what your body is telling you, things can get serious. I even know of people who over time have developed bowel cancer and other serious health conditions.

You need to understand that having IBS means that your body is not working properly. You are having a hard time getting the nutrients you need, you suffer from knock-on effects that can be causing you a range of other issues. And this is stealing that feeling of wellness, motivation and enjoyment that we all should be having.

Get yourself used to the idea that information is here. You can start acting on it if you really want to.  

Mistake #3: Not switching off

IBS mistakes: not relaxingChances are you use all your energy to get through your day, and just want to sit down and watch tv. I’ve done that too. And as you watch tv or go on social media your mind continues to think and analyse. And you may even find your mind continues even when you are asleep, disturbing the quality of sleep (bad digestion does this too).

We are all taught from a very young age to think, not to feel. So we are very busy thinking and doing. We charge around (or try to) and get things done.

The only problem with this is that we are not just a mind. We have a body, we have emotions and we have energy flowing through us. And they all work together.

So if you just tune into your mind, you miss these other 3 parts of yourself. Other cultures have understood this for centuries. We need to catch up.

For most of us, making space for anything else than the mind doesn’t come naturally. So it is something we have to learn and practise. You can find more on this here.  When you get back from holiday could be the ideal time to start…

What is your biggest challenge at the moment?  And what are you secretly hoping I will write about next?

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