IBS: Your story lies behind every flare-up you ever had


IBS and your story

Your story lies behind every IBS flare-up you have ever had – and ever will have.

Everyone’s IBS is different. That doesn’t mean that you can’t solve it. However you need to know yourself much better and get in touch with your unique story to do so.

You have probably heard of the brain-gut axis. A whole field of research that has officially demonstrated how the brain (mind) affects the gut and even the quality of your biome, and how the gut affects the mind.  This shows that your thoughts, emotions and body interact.

And even without the research, you know this to be true. You only need to have to stand up and speak in public or at a meeting to really feel your gut react, and other parts of your body too (like your shoulders tightening).

Likewise, your mind and body react to your story.

So what do I mean by “your story”?

Your story is who you truly are.

It is the story of your body and what it has lived through and experienced.

But it is also the story of your mind, and how it has learned to keep you safe and helps you navigate through  the choices and actions in you life.

Your story is also your emotional body, crafted by the people and experiences that have impacted your life.

And it is the essence of who you are, the unique you.

That is your story.IBS and your story

You may have tried to throw away the episodes that were difficult (and in doing so you may have lost touch with the good times too). Instead of being able to understand them at the time, you may have just felt the emotional pain and pushed them away.

But if you were not able understand them and let them go (and no-one teaches us how to let them go) they are still there, stored inside your body and deep inside your mind. If too much of this negative energy gets stored, it starts interfering with normal body function.

You can’t see these “lost” parts of your story, the parts you pushed away – but you carry them around. If you pay close attention you can feel them. They are what gets stirred up every time you encounter a trigger.

It is your story that sets your IBS triggers in place, and sets them off every time you have a flare-up.

And it is the key to unlocking your IBS if modern medicine has not been able to help. That’s why looking closely at your triggers is so important. They help you create a map of the parts of your story that don’t make sense to you. To see them  for what they are –  and let them go.

This is my work and my passion:

To help you see what you can’t see.

To help you tune into your story and release your triggers – and your IBS.