IBS and food intolerance

Food intolerance and IBS: What are you reacting to?

If you have IBS, food intolerance can be tricky to understand. Are low Fodmap foods easier to digest? What else should you look out for? Read on to find out. What you need to know You will often be reacting not to a food, but to a component of that food, even if it’s 100% natural.… Read more
Stress and IBS: How to calm the storm

Stress and IBS: How to calm the storm

Stress and IBS often go together, fuelling each other. To counter stress and IBS, it is essential to understand that stress gets its power from FEAR. What kind of fears did I have deep down? Maybe you may have similar ones: The fear of not coping; Fear of not getting everything done; A fear of having a flare-up; Fear of losing your job; The fear of not being seen as a success; Fear of not being a good wife, parent, boss, coworker, friend… Fear of not being enough.… Read more
ou can't because of IBS

IBS: You can’t do what you want

Think of all the things in your life right now that you want to do, but you can’t. Because of IBS: You can’t eat what you want to Actually enjoy food Eat healthy food without any bloating, or pain Not have to worry about bathroom issues or flare-ups Not have to wear a mask saying “everything is fine“ You can’t actually be and feel fine Go to a restaurant with friends and have a good time Have a different job, or a different boss You can’t go on holiday and actually enjoy it – and to come back feeling energised Have less pressure Enjoy yourself Feel full of energy Feel passionate about something – not just getting by Wake up feeling completely rested The wall of “I can’t because of IBS” “I can’t because of IBS” was the wall between me and ALL of that.… Read more