3 month coaching

Private 1:1 IBS coaching

Private IBS coaching

Are you really sick of your IBS? And ready for change?

IBS coaching with me is different from others you may have seen.

It is not about special diets or trying to manage symptoms.

It is about getting to the root causes of why you actually have IBS and starting to address them.

I had chronic IBS for the best part of 25 years before TOTALLY RECOVERING.

I eat a wide variety of tasty foods, including typical IBS triggers like onions and garlic.

I no longer have any of my every day symptoms like bloating, indigestion, abdominal cramps, back pain, constipation or diarrhea.

I am no longer worried by food, nor looking for the closest toilet.


In order to fully recover, I realised that just looking at the physical symptoms was not enough.
We have a body, a mind, emotions and energy – and all of these work together, not separately

We’ll start where you are today and work towards:

  • finding your main IBS triggers

  • discovering HOW and WHY they are contributing to your IBS

  • releasing the power of those triggers over you and your flare-ups

  • fully supporting your body to assist recovery

    Will it work for me?

    Every person has their own unique IBS.

    This methodology looks into WHY you are unique and what can be causing your recurring IBS symptoms behind the scenes.

    While results cannot be guaranteed, I am convinced that the coaching I have devised can help you to start to durably improve your IBS symptoms – from the inside out. 

    How long will it take?

    Let me ask you a question first:

    How long have you been suffering with IBS? Probably YEARS.

    Every person has their own unique IBS. But the average time my clients take to start breaking through their IBS is 6 months.
    6 months may seem like a long time going forward – but in hindsight you’ll see that compared to all the years you have been struggling and searching for relief, THIS IS A SHORTCUT

What does 6 months of private coaching with me typically look like?

  • Powerful, tailor-made coaching sessions every fortnight, where we will dive DIRECTLY into your specific challenges with IBS
  • Exercises for you to do, or questions to ponder in between sessions that will boost your results
  • Access to me via email between sessions so you can ask questions, and get support with anything you might have on your mind

Are you sick of IBS and 100% committed to start your journey,
to reclaim your health - and have a more FUN and TASTY life?

Why not book a free discovery call with me, and ask me all your questions:

"In just one session, Alison got to the root cause of my IBS. I felt as if a veil had been lifted and the years of suffering I've had suddenly made sense. Armed with this new information, I have noticed my symptoms lessening and I'm looking forward to reducing them further in the coming weeks. Thank you Alison - you're a total star!"