To your good health

to your good health in 2020

Happy New Year to you! Cheers to your good health!

It’s the start of another new year. And I have a question for you to ponder:

If you didn’t have IBS, where would you like to be a year from now?

What would you like to be doing, that you can’t at the moment?

How would you be feeling?

What would you like to be eating and drinking, without any after-effects?

Maybe you would be enjoying a fantastic cocktail and dancing into the early hours…

Or maybe you would be relaxing by the fire after a day’s skiing…

Or lounging by the pool in some exotic location…

You could take a plane and travel somewhere that you’ve been longing to go to?

Maybe you would visit a long-lost friend

Or maybe your dream is to find that special someone to share your life with (without the embarrassment of IBS symptoms)…

What if your good health allowed you to change job, and are really good at what you do (because there’s no IBS to deal with)…

Maybe you are earning much more, or feel lucky and even win some money?

What would you do with it if you were feeling energized and in good health?

Maybe you have a burning idea that you have put aside, that you could start work on…

What are the dreams that your IBS is putting on hold?

I challenge you to write down whatever pops into your head.

Even if it may seem unlikely to you right now.

Jot it down.

And start asking the question, What if…

What if I could move towards those dreams every day?

What would it take for me to get there, no matter how long it takes?

It may seem like a long shot, but there is immense power in this simple exercise. Even if right now you can’t see how they can materialize.

To your very good health in 2020 – and to YOU reaching for your health, and your dreams.