Top 3 resolutions to improve your IBS


Resolutions to improve your IBSThe chances are you had some sort of digestion problems or flare-ups over Christmas and the New Year and you just may be feeling low right now. These are my 3 top resolutions for 2018 that can help you improve your IBS.

I am here to tell you that you can move forward in 2018. But this will involve taking a new path. You have tried the “same old” for some time now, and it’s not getting you where you want to go. Adopting some new habits this year, (not just thinking about them) will give you the foundations.

1) Learn to switch off

What does switching off have to do with my diarrhea or my constipation, I hear you ask. Well a great deal in fact. For many people IBS is not just about food and digestion. It’s also about being on overdrive, getting things crossed off that to-do list, instead of feeling or living.

You have no doubt heard of the brain-gut connection. Well for me it is not just a connection, It’s a tandem. Switching off for even a few minutes switches off the tension in your body that may well be stirring up your IBS. switch offSome of us walk around all day in a permanent state of tension without even realizing it. If that’s you don’t feel bad about it. I used to do this too.

Most of us have brains that are on overdrive. Have you ever caught yourself trying to get to sleep and having thoughts still whirring around your head?

This Christmas, did you have any time when you felt like you were in a film, going through the motions but not actually feeling anything much?

While you stay in your head, you won’t be able to move forward with your IBS. Because while you let your head take over your life, there is no room for tuning into yourself and feeling anything – or reducing tension. Switching off, even for a few minutes a day, gives your brain some respite, and yourself space to settle and wind down.

While you are writing out your to-do list, add this one for yourself: How are you going to switch off even for a few minutes every day, starting from today? Read this article for ideas.

2) Get checked out for Candida and SIBO

If you haven’t done this already, do put this on your New year’s resolution list. This is a must-have if despite being careful what you eat you still get regular bloating and digestive problems.

I came across research on Candida only a few years back – and the penny dropped. I had seen a number of doctors and specialists, but no-one had mentioned Candida and SIBO. By dealing with Candida I improved my IBS a whole lot, especially digestion.Do you have Candida and Sibo

Read my article on Candida and SIBO for the main symptoms and see if they fit. If you want to, get tested for both. You may have to get this done privately.

Then go to your doctor with the results and get to work on beating it.

If you are interested, this is what I used to beat Candida.

3) Nourish your body more

a nourishing diet for IBS

Another way to improve your IBS in 2018 is to make nourishing your body a priority. I used to look at food more as a tasty reward than nourishment. Yet our bodies can’t get the nutrients they need any other way.

I don’t eat a perfect diet. But every week I make a conscious effort to improve the quality and variety of the foods I eat. And it pays over time. For more on this, read this post Why a nourishing diet is essential if you have IBS.

What one thing can you start to do every week to improve the quality of the food you eat?

Maybe buying some local fresh, even organic veg from your local market

Making some homemade soup one evening (the recipe for this can be found in this article)

Getting some fresh fish

Adding some coconut oil if you’re not already

Making a meal from scratch this weekend

Happy New Year to you! Make this year count…