The ultimate IBS Christmas presents


The ultimateIBS Christmas presentsAs we are all looking for last-minute Christmas presents, here are a couple of  that you might like to get for yourself – either from someone, or just from you to you.

Make mine a double!

This is the ultimate IBS Christmas present: 2 roll holders so you don’t run out. And somewhere to put your phone if you know you’re going to be a while… Don’t know who thought this up, but it’s a great idea:)

Talking about Christmas presents, while you’re in there, you might also need something to read…

A good read

This is not just any book. It played a part in my recovery from IBS – which is why I am including as an ultimate IBS Christmas present. First of all, it gave me fun and inspiration reading it – and let’s face it, we could all do with a dose of that!

Although I didn’t immediately understand the power of what it contained, this amusing fiction also sowed a few seeds in my thinking. In fact I went on to read all the other books by the same author, and I became a certified NLP coach as a result.

If you’re feeling stuck, this could be the start of something…

The Man Who Wanted to Be Happy by Laurent Gounelle

IBS Christmas presents: The man who wanted to be happyThis amusing book is about a young teacher who goes on a trip to Bali during the summer holidays. While he is in Bali, he decides to go and see someone who is reputed there for knowing a great deal about life. Although he is not ill, he is not happy. He knows something is up, but can’t quite put his finger on it – and can’t work out how to feel better either. He feels the need to talk about his personal challenges with someone. And being far from home and out of his every day life, he feels ready to take this step.

This wise man sends him off to complete various tasks – which inevitably lead him into various awkward and amusing situations.

And shifts start to occur in his life…