Why I was able to recover from IBS


feeling stuck with IBS? But you want to recover?

I had no idea I could recover from IBS.

I stayed stuck with IBS for many years because my well-meaning gastroenterologist told me I had physical reasons for having IBS, and that I would probably suffer from IBS for the rest of my life.

For years I believed him. And my IBS got worse and worse.

What I didn’t know was that was his best medical opinion. But he was only looking at my IBS through a purely physical “car mechanics” lense.

What I did to recover from IBS

As the condition and list of IBS symptoms got worse, I chose to open up my thinking, because I realised that my doctor did not have the answers I needed.

Yet he did make one very pertinent comment, that my IBS was psychosomatic.

At the time I took that very badly, thinking he meant that it was all “in my head”. I definitely was NOT making up the pain and suffering I was going through!

But he was actually suggesting a mind-body cause.

In actual fact, even that was not the whole story. Through my own research and experimentation I came to understand that we are made up of a mind, a body, emotions and energy, and all of these work together, not separately. I personally needed to balance and heal all 4 parts in order to recover from IBS.

And by doing this I actually reconnected with a 5th part of  myself: my intuition (also called soul, inner wisdom).

Recovery became my priority (even though I didn’t know it was really possible at the time). Not something that would be nice, but something I HAD to do. I cancelled so many of our family outings, and I made a promise to my husband and children that I would do EVERYTHING to find out how IBS works and recover.

This path took time, commitment and financial investment. Sometimes that work would spark off a flare-up, or make me really tired. But when the storm had passed, I moved onto the next root, and the next. I cleaned out all the stuffed down emotions that were causing blockages inside me. And I challenged beliefs that were holding me back and opened up a new future.

What you need to know if you want to recover from IBS

IBS isn’t a “disease”. It’s essentially your body letting you know that something is up somewhere in the mind-body-emotion-energy labyrinth.  And if you don’t react, it will develop new symptoms and tell you louder it needs help.

I dug deep to understand and address the deep roots of my IBS, and in so doing I completely removed the need to have IBS. No need for managing symptoms or special diets. Just room for healing and recovery.

Do you want to recover from IBS?

Feeling stuck with IBS?

You could wait a long time for conventional medicine to come up with an answer.

Why not commit to finding out more about holistic approaches and how your body, mind, emotions and energy work? This should be mainstream, but it isn’t.

If you don’t have time, you can work with someone who is experienced in IBS, and instead of telling you what to do, is willing to explore your IBS WITH you.

I offer expert IBS coaching if you are looking for someone like this.