I have beaten chronic IBS

Alison AdenisMy name is Alison Adenis. I’m British, and I live in France.

I had chronic IBS for many years. And I would NEVER have thought I could break free of it. But I finally worked out how to.  

Over the last 30 years I have done the complete IBS obstacle course.

Have a look at the long list of symptoms I used to experience.

Do you recognise any of yours in that list?

I spent years trying to piece the puzzle together, and was so sick of IBS ruining my life. I wasn’t sure that I would EVER manage to break free from IBS.

It is not supposed to be possible. But I have done it.

Maybe you can too?

I am now a certified NLP coach (neuro-linguistic programming) and energy practitioner, committed to helping others get their lives back. 

Today I am symptom-free

I don’t manage symptoms. I have removed the need for my body to have IBS.

I finally have energy and enthusiasm, and I no longer need to obsess about food and toilets.

Food intolerance os a thing of the past, and I can simply go to any restaurant and order what I fancy.

I now finally understand the keys to Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Each person has their own IBS puzzle to solve. However, the hardest part is understanding what is going on in your body and knowing where to look for answers. Even if you’re good at puzzles, it’s really hard to focus when you’re suffering.

Why is this blog different?

Has everything been said about irritable bowel by Alison ADENIS, Sick of IBS

I am convinced that you will find some approaches to IBS on this blog that you haven’t seen elsewhere. And this may just what you are looking for.

I have set up this blog to give you insight, tips and understanding that I wish I had had sooner.

I hope it will help save you time, improve day-to-day living and get your smile back:)

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I really hope this helps you move forward! 

alison simpson

PS: If you are sick of trying, I give specific IBS coaching that gets to the roots of YOUR IBS symptoms.