Has everythinjg been said about irritable bowel

You need solutions to your Irritable Bowel Syndrome – not yet another blog telling you what you already know!

Who I am – and why I can help you

My name is Alison Adenis. (For anyone who knows me as Alison Simpson, I am now using my married name).

I’m British and I live in France. I had IBS for many years and I have finally beaten it.

I am now a certified NLP coach (neuro-linguistic programming) and energy healer. I am committed to help others get their lives back.

Over the last 40 years I think I have done the complete IBS obstacle course. Have look at all the symptoms I used to experience.

Looking back: How on earth did I manage to go to university, to work and bring up children with all this going on? I spent years trying to piece the puzzle together. I wondered if I would ever manage to get rid of IBS. Last year my job was axed, and my body went haywire. It was time to hit IBS straight on the head.

I have the advantage of being trilingual. This has enabled me to read around the subject in different languages, compare remedies from various countries, and try a number of different solutions and techniques out on myself.

Today I am virtually symptom-free!

I finallalison-photo-pro-recup-de-linkediny have energy and enthusiasm, and I no longer obsess about diet and toilets.  I still am lactose and fructose intolerant. But I know how IBS works and what to do to keep it at bay.

I now finally understand the keys to Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Each person has their own IBS puzzle to solve. However, the hardest part is understanding what is going on in your body knowing where to look for answers.

Some of this stuff you may have heard before, but other stuff I hope will be new and really useful.

Why is this blog different?

I spent a long time looking and trying to understand IBS. Specialists wouId say to me “It’s stress” or “It’s lifestyle” and I would go home thinking that there was no answer. Often we are given a word, without context or meaning and assume nothing can be done. I have set up this blog to give you insight, tips and understanding that I wish I had had sooner.

I hope it will help save you time, improve day-to-day living and get your smile back. Every week I will be publishing a new post to help you with one of your IBS symptoms.

If you don’t want to miss out on THE info you may have been waiting for, do sign up to the newsletter.

I really hope this helps you move forward!

alison simpson