IBS coaching to help you break free from IBS


IBS coaching to help you break free from IBS

Can you imagine for just one moment what living without IBS would be like? Having that FREEDOM to do, eat, enjoy what you want, when you want. Feeling energetic and motivated each day.  Being your REAL SELF again.

Are you going round in circles TRYING SO HARD, but still plagued by your IBS? Maybe it’s time to get outside help from someone who really knows IBS. From the inside out.

YOU already know a lot about IBS.

If you are reading this you are SMART and actively looking for a solution.

But maybe there are pieces to your IBS puzzle, blindspots that you just can’t see.

Just because no-one can easily see what has become automatic. 

While every person has their own unique experience of IBS, I have learned to see where the triggers and the solutions lie – And they are not where I would have thought at all!


 I am a certified trauma-aware NLP practitioner, Reiki Master and Life coach.

THIS is your opportunity to get to the bottom of your unique IBS. To discover why your IBS symptoms keep returning. And to finally reverse those patterns,

 SO YOUR IBS SYMPTOMS CAN STOP going round and round.

My IBS coaching moves out of the usual realms of gut health and food choices.                  

It situates you in the centre of your environment, your life experiences and your core beliefs. I can help you discover how your mind, body, emotions and energy are contributing to your IBS. And above all how to find and release triggers affecting all or any of these 4 areas.

You know deep down that YOU have the central role in your own health. It is time to connect with that and take the reigns, so you never have to feel stuck in suffering again.
I can do this WITH you. But I can’t do it FOR you.

YOU have to take 100% responsibility for the essential part you will have in reclaiming your health.

To be successful you will need the knowledge and support that you are not finding elsewhere, and a personal solid investment of time, money, patience and full commitment to reach your goal.

My objective is for you to experience the same recovery as I have.