IBS coaching to help you break free from IBS


Can you imagine for just one moment what living without IBS would be like? Feeling energetic and motivated each day.  Being your REAL SELF again. Having that FREEDOM to do, eat, enjoy what you want, when you want.

Are you going round in circles TRYING SO HARD, but still plagued by your IBS? 

YOU know a lot about IBS. And if you are reading this you are SMART and actively looking for an EFFECTIVE solution.

BUT maybe there are pieces to your IBS puzzle, blindspots that you just can’t see. For many years this was the case for me too. UNTIL I stumbled upon the way out.

Because NO-ONE can easily see what has become AUTOMATIC. 


reverse IBS coach

I am a certified, trauma-aware NLP and Reiki practitioner, and life coach. I have beaten chronic IBS myself, and now do this with my clients. My superpower is listening and intuitively hearing IBS triggers – and knowing how to reverse them.

When you remove your IBS triggers, they no longer set off IBS symptoms!

No meds or products. No special diets. No routines. No “managing” symptoms. 

This approach situates YOU in the centre of your environment, your life experiences and your core beliefs. It can help you discover how your MIND, BODY, EMOTIONS and ENERGY are contributing to your IBS. And I will guide you how to find and release triggers affecting all or any of these 4 areas.

You know deep down that YOU have the central role in your own health.

It is time to connect with your natural health and take the reigns, so you never have to feel stuck in suffering again.

My objective is for you to experience the same recovery as I have.