If you are suffering from IBS and have been for some time, I’d like to offer these tools I have made to help you get some relief. I hope you find them useful!

Get relief from IBS now energy tool

Sometimes when you are suffering from IBS, you just need a little relief to be able to function again – let alone even wonder about reversing symptoms.

Back when I was searching for relief, and not yet aware that IBS can be reversed, I went to see a healer. I was in pain, and when my IBS got rough, the healer helped me feel a bit better for a while.

At the time I had no idea how energy healing worked. It seemed very strange and “out there”. What I didn’t know was that it actually gave you an extra dose of the unconditional love energy that is flowing through your body – but not so much through the part that feels bad.

I was initiated into healing myself. And I have made the tool that I would have liked to have. Without the hassle. No having to find the right person, or to take the time to go there and get parked. A tool that’s at hand whenever you need it.

You can find full instructions for use in the video. Please read them before using it:)

What IBS symptoms can this tool help you improve?

  • This tool is designed to help reduce inflammation in any part of the body (including intestines and any part of the digestive tract) and supports the body’s own healing mechanisms.
  • It can help relieve physical pain, and ease constipation and diarrhea
  • It can help you to appease strong emotions and an over-taxed nervous system
  • You may also experience improved general tonus and energy levels if you are badly in need of a boost

Most people will experience some welcome TEMPORARY relief. 

Please note: This tool is designed to bring you some relief. You will likely need to go back to it quite regularly. To get lasting relief, you need to understand your IBS triggers and learn to release them.

Private coaching with me is the fastest, most effective way that I know of to actually release your IBS symptoms.

A few minutes of peace

This is a quick 3-minute video for when you feel the need to chill.

Use this to take a break during a stressful day, or to help you sleep at night if you are feeling anxious.

To your very best of health!