IBS: It’s not about how hard you try

how hard you try with IBS

Take it from someone who NO LONGER suffers from chronic IBS – it’s not about how hard you try. Even though that feels so unfair.

You can do ALL the things, and still not experience lasting IBS relief.

UNTIL you decide to leverage change.

25 years down the line I was in the same place with IBS

Like you, I did all the things:

The tests, the colonoscopy, the doctors, the GI specialists, the diets, the meds (though I was intolerant to most of them). I did my best to research IBS, to work out what was happening.

I did my best to “eat the right things”, “do the right things” and got to know nutrition in a really intense way – what you’re supposed to be able to eat, what you should eat.

Like you, I put a great deal of time and energy into all of that. And felt powerless to change my IBS.

Actually my IBS had progressively got worse and worse, and there seemed like there was no stopping the train.

One day I got to breaking point. My IBS was like an unbridled wild horse.

I just couldn’t stand the painful embarrassing symptoms any more – or spending my life exhausted and never knowing when the next falre-up would strike.

Above all I HATED who IBS was making me be – someone who was constantly making up excuses, and who could not enjoy life any more.

Either I was going to find a way out, or I really didn’t see the point of continuing.

How to leverage IBS change

IBS is hard unless you decide that you'll beat it somehow

I decided that even if I had absolutely NO idea how, I was going to beat IBS. SOMEHOW.

And that decision actually set everything into motion.

I gave myself permission to take the reins, and to get off the purely medical route.

Instead of going and seeing the people I was told to see, I decided who I wanted to learn something from, and what seemed pertinent.

25 years of searching showed me that those who are supposed to know about my health just didn’t.

I started to listen to myself as the authority of me. That was a revolution, but necessary to release IBS.

I stopped listening to all the “should” “have to’s” and “how to’s”, and I allowed myself to follow my intuition, something I had not been used to doing.

Up until then logic had been the only way to solve problems.

By following insights, learning and exploring, a whole new set of possibilities opened up. Ones that wouldn’t have done if I had kept trying the latest meds or focusing on diet. I came across people who had overcome many health conditions and learned techniques of release.

I also sought out help when someone or something felt right for me.  Getting help was really new for me. I thought it meant you were weak or not smart enough if you needed help. But outside guidance helped me see some of what I just couldn’t.

I realized that we can’t know or see everything, no matter how smart we are.

What you can’t see, you can’t see – and you may really benefit from having expert eyeballs on it. (When I say expert, I mean others who have lived it, not people that just talk about it).

It’s not about how hard you try (unfortunately)

You have probably noticed that no matter how hard you try, you don’t seem to durably budge IBS.

If you’re ready to leverage change, here’s how to get started:

1) The decision

Are you ready to make that decision to get a different result?

Not a half-hearted “that sounds nice” but I don’t have the time/energy one. (I used that one myself, but I didn’t get anywhere with it:)

A compelling decision that leverages all the POWER of your will:

“This absolutely IS GOING TO HAPPEN!”

When IBS sufferers hop on a discovery call with me, that’s what I listen for. When you’re ready to bust, that’s when there will be no stopping you – and major positive change becomes available.

It’s a little like an archer drawing back the string on his bow. When the archer releases, all that tension then goes into suddenly propulsing the arrow far forward.

It's not about how hard you try

2) Give yourself permission to step forward

Give yourself permission to try a different route, even if that feels scary.

Commit by taking a step forward. (WARNING: This is often challenging.)

On my Discovery Calls I often see people stop right here and rob themselves of the opportunity to durably release their IBS. (I understand. I have done this myself many times.)

In their minds this all feels scary, different, expensive – and yet if they can get past that, they can get on a path out of IBS. Because they have taken the decision and committed themselves.

3) Start listening to yourself more

listen to yourself

If you’re like me, you’ve probably spent most of your life listening to what other people think is the “right” and “responsable” thing to do. Firstly your parents, your teachers, then your boss, the media, and your doctor.

No-one actually teaches us to listen to ourselves. So we’re always looking outside for answers. Thinking that we don’t know.

What changed things for me was realising that although it can be useful to get an outside opinion, that’s all it is: An opinion.

Allow yourself to know, and trust in your own intuition. And be open to what shows up.

This can take some practice at first, especially if you have not been used to hearing it.

Notice how you FEEL about something.

Follow any hunches or insights you may get, and see where they take you.

You may be extremely pleased you did!

4) Use these 4 keys to approach your IBS

4 keys t finding your IBS triggers

These 4 keys will help you approach your IBS triggers in an effective way. Use them often to stay the course.

5) Allow yourself to team up with help when you need it

It’s not about how hard you try.

Often we lack clarity. Sometimes we just can’t see what’s holding us back.

As we ALL have blind spots, getting help when you’re constantly going round in circles becomes NECESSARY.