What causes IBS flare-ups and how to stop them

How to stop IBS flare-ups and the symptoms causing your IBS attacks

How can you stop IBS flare-ups and the symptoms of your IBS attacks? There is a way. Once you understand what causes your IBS flare-ups. Here is what you need to look out for:

A typical IBS flare-up

Despite ALL your efforts, the moment things seem to be working for you…

BAM! Something will trip you up – and set off IBS symptoms like digestive problems, bloating, poop problems – or a full-blown flare-up!

The symptoms for an IBS attack can take you out for several hours – or several days.

Over time you may have noticed that some of the things that set you off. But others are operating without you being aware of them.

Some don’t even make sense. [Until they do!]

If you have regular IBS flare-ups, chances are that you are hitting a tripwire often.

Maybe even every day.

That’s why your very best efforts aren’t paying:

You’re up against an unknown opponent, working in the background. Keeping you stuck.

What causes IBS flare-ups?

While having a flare-up plan can be helpful, the best way I have found to stop IBS flare-ups is to take out the trip-wires. Those triggers that keep tripping you up and starting off that familar downwards spiral.

So what are those tripwires? They are unique to each person. However they are usually related to incidents that cause you to feel strong emotions – or just feel plain bad.

A concrete example of a tripwire

IBS causes

Situation 1: You go to work and your boss is on your back. He/she wants a last-minute change to your work, and it’s going to take you a couple of hours. And make you behind.

You feel rushed, disrespected and like whatever you do is good enough or that your hard work is even appreciated. Deep down you feel bad and resentful.

This situation will be a tripwire for some people and cause their IBS flare-up. They’ll feel more and more drained as the morning goes by. They’ll get to the cantine, and pick something as a reward. And BAM! The IBS flare-up will start.

Situation 2: A couple of weeks may go by, and the same person will have another flare-up. This time it’s the person’s partner who has invited someone for dinner last-minute, and they are left rushing around trying to work out what to serve up.

They feel rushed, disrespected, not particularly good as the improvised dinner is not as good as they’d like – and resentful. It’s essentially the same tripwire in a different form.

how to stop IBS flare ups and symptoms of IBS attacks

Situation 3: Another time it will be their daughter leaving her sport’s gear on the school bus. And having to rush to the bus terminal to get it back before school tomorrow. When the daughter gets her bag back, she has her earphones on and just nods and carries on with her music.

Can you see how these 3 situations are echoes of the same core situation and feelings?

Someone wants something from youyou feel rushedput your needs asidefeel disregarded/resentful

By the way, this particular tripwire is common if you are used to having a narcissist in your life.

How to durably deal with IBS flare-ups

Firstly, you need to identify what is setting you off. What exactly causes the symptoms of your IBS attacks.

(This is my particular talent.)

These tripwires can be tough to notice when they are part of your everyday life and habitual patterns of thinking.

However this excellent book “Reinventing your life” by Jeffrey Young and Janet Klosko can give you some clues.

When you can see a tripwire setting off your IBS flare-ups, you then have the choice of:

  • avoiding it
  • changing your reaction to it (yes, this is possible!)

And this is a powerful place to be in!

If you want to durably change your reaction – and your IBS flare-ups, why not work with me?

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