Living with IBS and digestive issues

Living with IBS, digestive issues - quick fixes and what works

Living with IBS and digestive issues is SO challenging. It’s hard because we are in pain and usually have no idea how to improve our situation. But that’s not all.

They don’t understand me

Frankly, they don’t. They have NO CLUE what your life is like.

Whether that’s family, well-meaning friends or even colleagues.

Your IBS is INVISIBLE. They don’t see what all the fuss is about.

It’s only when you’ve had IBS yourself and struggled with all the pain, all the IBS symptoms and flare-ups that a person can know JUST HOW DIFFICULT IT IS living with IBS and getting through the week.

It’s sickening when you see everyone else posting a photo of their amazing parachute jump, or doing other fun things you can only dream of. While you wander around in your usual dark skirt or trousers with the special IBS -friendly elasticated waistband.

Living with IBS and digestive issues: missing out

We convince ourselves that we don’t need all that. I mean, doing the weekly shopping is already a challenge!

But let’s face it, we can feel deeply deprived. (And fatigued.)

Romantic relationships living with IBS and digestive issues

If you’re in a long-term relationship where you can be yourself, count yourself lucky. Trying to find love when your body has a mind of it’s own is no mean feat. IBS doesn’t exactly help you to feel confident and sexy.

So what’s the solution?

Through my many years of living with IBS, I, like you, tried numerous quick fixes. In fact anything that would make me feel better. And although I did experience some welcome improvements, they never seemed to really last.

Or I had to keep doing special things every day, on top of buying and preparing special food…

WHAT DID ALLOW FOR CHANGE is actually very counter-intuitive.

One day I got to breaking point. I couldn’t stand it any more.

I was sick of being a far cry from the wife, Mum, friend and coworker that I had imagined.

And just trying to get through the week.

Although I did my utmost to keep the smile on, my children KNEW. They always sensed the truth.

And that HAD to change. It had to! I just couldn’t be that kind of example to them any more.

It boiled up in me like a volcano.

25 years had been a very long prison sentence living with IBS – and enough was enough.

That deep, visceral DECISION was very powerful. It sent me on a fabulous journey of self-discovery.

To my great surprise I did actually beat IBS. No meds, no diets, no special anything.

If you are more than ready for something better, take that DECISION. You owe it to yourself, and to your loved ones.

If you would like expert guidance on your journey out of IBS, let me know.

Don’t listen to those that say “there is no cure for IBS“. They don’t even have IBS!