The 8 stages to IBS recovery

8 stages to IBS recovery on the journey out of IBS

I have great passion for the work I do in IBS recovery. Helping others solve the condition that was the bane of my life for some 25 years is SO satisfying.

My clients get their desired results. And I get to guide long-term IBS sufferers go from feeling awful, to feeling good again. That makes my day!

I have found that typically there are eight main stages a person goes through on their journey out of IBS.

Eight typical stages to IBS recovery

Here are the 8 typical stages that my clients go through on their journey out of IBS:

  1. They start off feeling really low – but hopeful. They apologise for themselves and everything they think they’re getting wrong.
  2. Although there still is “the problem”, they start to relax a little more and feel a better about themselves.
  3. And then, little by little, a smirk appears on their face. Something happens better than usual and it piques their curiosity.
  4. As they move forward, some sudden enthusiasm bubbles up. They KNOW something has changed, even if their mind can’t quite wrap itself around it yet.
  5. After that, they want more of that change and get fired up! They start seeing what wasn’t possible open up more and more. This is where I get an email with “You’ll never guess what happened yesterday!” Enthusiasm sets in.
  6. The “problem” shrinks. What used to be a big splodge of IBS keeping them from enjoying life gradually becomes just a few blips.
  7. If they are willing, even those persistent blips can be fine-tuned out.
  8. They realise that their IBS has actually gone. This can surprisingly be one of the strangest stages.

Realising their IBS has actually gone

IBS free

Even though this has been their goal all along, when IBS has been ruining their life for years, a part of them actually expects them to still have IBS. It has been a familiar routine.

When their IBS flares stop, the new IBS-free freedom can feel a little strange at first.

They often don’t automatically do or eat the things they have always wanted to, because their mind has tuned them out.

But when they spontaneously find themselves enjoying one of those things, they suddenly have the realization that their IBS is behind them.

And, as one client put it “that is the most freeing feeling in the world!”

If you are craving this journey out of IBS for yourself, and are ready to invest time, money and persistent focus on your IBS for 6 months, make a move now.