IBS Success Story


If you’re in need of some inspiration with your IBS, here is a new IBS success story for you from Suzanne, a long-term IBS-D sufferer. She had tried A LOT of different approaches to no avail, and came to me as a last-ditch attempt to turn her IBS around.

A big thank you to Suzanne for being willing to share this openly with you all, and give you her authentic, first-hand impressions of Reverse IBS Coaching.

What IBS symptoms were you regularly suffering with?

“Before I started my coaching with Alison, the IBS-D I had been suffering with for over 25 years was at its worst. 

I was having diarrhea on a daily basis, and most of the time is was urgent and unexpected. 

I have been on every single IBS diet out there. Only to notice that after feeling better initially, all of my IBS symptoms returned after some time. And always worse than they were before. 

And I couldn’t go out and do anything without fear and anxiety. 

I was feeling increasingly desperate to get this taken care of and considered every single treatment option available to me.  Really I was willing to do ANYTHING to get rid of my IBS. 

And I am so glad that I came across Alison’s coaching program before I did anything too drastic. Because for me it turned out to be a miracle!” 

How was the experience of coaching with Alison (honestly)?

“After meeting and talking with Alison for just a few minutes, she easily picked up on what my triggers are, some of which surprised even me.  But she was dead-on every time. 

She has this intuitive nature about her that really made me feel that she understood me and heard what I was “saying”. Even when I couldn’t get the right words out. 

Her style of coaching left me feeling warm, loved, and supported like never before.  We would end our sessions and I would feel like I was riding a high the whole rest of the day.”

How are things now?

Now, after 6 months of coaching, my IBS is almost non-existent. 

I totally understand myself and my body’s reactions and responses to my triggers so much better than before. And with Alison’s guidance, I now know what to do if I ever have any problems in the future. 

I am no longer on any special diets.

Now I go out to eat frequently, and I eat whatever I want. It is the most freeing feeling in the world.  Because I was so desperate for help, I really was willing to do just about anything to get it.” 

Was it worth it?

“The investment, for me, was TOTALLY WORTH IT. 

It is not a hard program.  Honestly, there were weeks that I didn’t feel like I was doing much of anything, but positive changes were happening, so I just kept going with it. 

I have never been more thankful of anyone in my life!”

What it takes to become an IBS Success Story

Suzanne shows how a long-term IBS sufferer can become an IBS success story in a matter of months.

Despite having tried a multitude of different approaches for IBS-D, including many diets, hypnotherapy and even crano-sacral therapy with no real results, she was willing to try another approach.

Above all, Suzanne had decided she absolutely wanted change. She was committed to making it happen and focused on that goal.

On the Discovery Call form she had written “If only I could go out to eat and order anything, and stop looking for bathrooms everywhere I go.”

Now she can. Because she found and released the unique set of IBS triggers that were stopping her.

Suzanne has been an amazing person to work with: Always on time, ready to jump in, and open to trying out a suggestion and experiment. (And have a giggle!) She has been courageous and persevering through the more difficult parts. And patient when nothing much seemed to be happening (although it actually was!)

Together we made a great team – and Suzanne completely turned her IBS-D around in a few months.

Will YOU be the next IBS Success Story?