IBS, nausea and vomiting


One particularly unpleasant symptom that a number of IBS sufferers deal with is nausea and vomiting.

I used to vomit regularly as a child, and continued to do so quite regularly as an adult, so I know that volatile and utterly wretched feeling very well.

For a long time I put this down to diet. Let’s face it, that’s where we always look for anything related to IBS or digestion. But for me this was not the case.

I no longer have IBS, nor the nausea and vomiting. And food was not the culprit. Intrigued?

What can be causing the nausea and vomiting?

There are many potential causes, and you should of course be examined by your doctor and have any serious physical cause ruled out.

If “everything is normal” then I would suggest you consider other causes to your symptoms. In my articles I often talk about us having physical, psychological, emotional and energetic sides to us that all work together.

Please don’t assume that the cause is food. It may be that you are consuming food that your digestive system can’t handle. But the truth may be elsewhere…

What if there were a psychological cause?

A trigger loop that you have subconsciously learned to associate with the need to have nausea or vomit? This is likely to be a situation that does not suit you, or that you can’t stand. One that your body wants to get rid of.

What if there were an emotional cause to nausea and vomiting?

IBS nausea has been related to the emotion of resentment. This may sound a little strange. But I would urge you to stay open and really consider this for just a moment.

Do you currently feel resentment towards anyone or any situation in your life – or in your past?

Is so, I would suggest you start focusing on this resentment.

Do you get triggered  by a person or situation before you experience nausea and vomiting?

Or do you maybe have so much emotion already locked inside you from the past that was never released, that your body easily goes over the emotional threshold that it can handle?

If you are harbouring resentment, especially around past events, please don’t underestimate it.

The energy of emotions that have not been released, usually because it was not socially acceptable, get stuck inside us. This may even have started in your childhood.

Different people can experience these blockages in different parts of the body. But two of my reference books (one Canadian, the other French) written by experienced practitioners have established a link between resentment with nausea and vomiting. So this is worth considering.

What if I do find that resentment is behind all this?

You can work to release that emotion.

You can do this on your own by journaling, writing a letter to that person telling them why you feel resentful, and what you would have liked them to do instead. You don’t have to send that letter, but just writing it will get you feeling the emotion of resentment deeply, and some tears can allow you to finally start to let it go.

Depending what your experience has been, this can take time. Don’t rush it. Just notice each time you let more out, if your symptoms are improving a little. That way you will know if this is relevant for you.

It was for me.

What if I do have a trigger loop going?

Becoming aware of the trigger loop can in itself be enough to defuse it. Otherwise you may find working with me or another IBS expert specialized in NLP, emoitonal energy or hypnosis can help you release it.

And experience relief.