Dreaming of a life without IBS


A life without IBS

Are you dreaming of a life without IBS? It is difficult not feeling you are in control. You dream of being free again, and being able to live a normal life doing what you want to do, eating what you want to eat.

IBS has stopped you in your tracks.

It gets in the way of what you want to do and to be.

It messes up self-image, self-confidence, and is painful.

So no wonder that IBS brings you down and makes you fearful.

This, plus a body that is not functioning as it should, can also set off the horrible negative sensations of stress, depression, and anxiety.

As well as wild IBS flare-ups and pain.

You wish your gut would just sort itself out. At last!

All the information you can read seems complicated and conflicting – like your IBS symptoms.

“Solutions” are everywhere, but you can see no real way out.

So let’s start turning this around

Having found my way out of IBS, I can tell you now that the more convinced you are that you can’t find a way out, the more fearful and stuck you become.

You don’t feel strong anymore and lose confidence quickly. And this makes you want to hide away. You become accustomed to our limiting thoughts, fearing the present and the future. (I have been down this road too).

There are several dealbreakers that can stop you breaking free from IBS.

But this is one way to get past them:

By deciding to believe that you CAN and WILL find the way out, you start opening up new possibilities:

Imagine yourself without IBS

You would be surprised the number of IBS sufferers that come on a Discovery call with me, and just can’t imagine themselves without IBS! Even though they want more than anything to break free from IBS.

They want to feel free, unrestricted, with no food or poop problems weighing them down

See if YOU can imagine yourself living a normal life free from IBS. What is different?

What are you doing now that you couldn’t before? How does that feel?

What are you enjoying, that you couldn’t enjoy before?

And what are you eating and digesting that you couldn’t get near before?

Stay with those positive feelings. If limiting thoughts like frustration start tapping you on the shoulder, move quickly on to the next step.

Imagine yourself at work

Walking into the office with confidence, energy, and enthusiasm.

Not trying to cover up embarrassing health problems – because you don’t have any!

Imagine this is the new you, and just how that feels.

If you have lost your job, imagine going to an interview for the job of your dreams feeling fully capable and on top of the world – and getting it!

And at home

Imagine yourself without IBS. What differences in relationships with others are you experiencing?

Take a deep breath, close your eyes and feel that change, that freedom. Laughter instead of frustration.

Real sleep, love. IBS-free.

I can hear you thinking “Oh, that’s just a pipe dream. It will never happen.” In actual fact, this approach is science-based, and it opens up new and positive neuronal pathways in your brain.

Seriously, try this every night before you go to bed, and see what positive changes occur over the next few months. And let me know when anything changes. Even a little.

And sometimes we are winning, but have the impression we’re not. You know, the two steps forwards, three steps back feeling. So take courage, you may be winning and not realise it


About Alison ADENIS

Having battled with chronic IBS for YEARS, I finally found my way out of the IBS maze. I no longer suffer with any IBS symptoms. I understand why I had IBS, and how to break free of IBS symptoms. For good. I was compelled to create Sick of IBS and Reverse IBS Coaching to help other sensitive but determined IBS sufferers find their way out too, and powerfully reclaim vibrant health.