Do you want to just manage IBS symptoms?

IBS manage symptoms

Many IBS sufferers just try to get through the day and manage IBS symptoms as best they can. But without getting much relief.

I did this too for many years. But (thankfully) it is not the only option available.

Why it seems like a good idea to manage symptoms

I was told that there was NO WAY OUT of IBS, and that I would have to live with it.

Maybe you have been told that too?

What I didn’t know is that managing symptoms doesn’t get you very far.

There are days you can do “everything right”, and for some unknown reason you still get a flare-up and feel really bad!

Talk about maddening!

It was actually after a day like that when I got really mad. And decided that if there was a way out of this living hell, I was going to find it!

Why managing your IBS symptoms can’t get you where you want to be

Ultimately we all dream of breaking free from IBS. Not to just manage symptoms!

Getting back all the energy and motivation that gets consumed by those painful, repetitive symptoms;

Getting back all our confidence that left us when our bodies became uncontrollable;

Taking back the focus on our dreams and fun things we want in our lives – instead of being focused trying to relieve our pain.

to manage IBS symptoms is not the best available option

The good side of things is that we are ready to take responsibility for our health, and not just expect someone else to provide it.

The really challenging side is that we have no map. We know that doing the same thing over and over doesn’t get different results. But we are really in the dark as to what we need to be doing differently.

What you need to do instead

1) Firstly, do ANYTHING you can to bring down tension in your everyday life.

This can be small changes in habit like giving up coffee, switching off the news, or taking more time for yourself to unwind. 

Or bigger things like changing job.

You may not feel the tension that has built up inside you. You may be totally numb to it (as I was). But if your have IBS symptoms, it’s there!

2) Look out for what triggers your flare-ups

(Hint: Don’t only concentrate on food. Your food intolerance may just be another symptom – not the cause.)

3) If your IBS symptoms don’t make sense, think back to how your IBS started.

4) Manage your IBS symptoms more effectively by avoiding the triggers

(If you choose this option you may get relief, but IBS is still running your life)


5) Learn to release these deep triggers, so your body no longer needs to react to them.

Some of these triggers may actually be from your childhood. Yet they are still running the show. Fortunately you can change that.