What’s stopping you breaking free from IBS


If you’re reading this blog you are smart. You are actively hunting high and low for how to suffer less with your IBS symptoms, and get more of what you want in this life. And yet something is stopping you breaking free from your IBS.

You may have been looking for a long time (I was looking for YEARS). But don’t despair.

YOU are among the very small percentage of IBS sufferers who are actually destined to break free of their IBS.

That said, there will be obstacles on your path to progress:

Breaking free from IBS: The deal breakers

There are a number of beliefs that may be keeping you where you are.

How do I know? Because I had to get past ALL of these myself! And I had to get help.

So have a look at the list below, and see which one speak to you the most. Once you have awareness of these, you will be able to start making headway. You have more powerful than you think!

1) Not trusting someone else to support you and have your best interests at heart (and assuming they’re just out there for your money.)

2) Not making your IBS a priority (if you want to beat it, it requires your focus until you do.)

3) Feeling that somehow you’re not capable. (You ARE capable.)

breaking free of IBS

4) Knowing that you are smart, and thinking you should somehow know all the answers (How could you? And are you ready to learn?)

5) Feeling that getting support shows weakness (Understanding that every person has their own blindspots, and that you need someone else to “see” you is actually smarter.)

6) Deciding that investing in yourself is selfish (when it will benefit everyone around you too.)

7) Wanting to do this the cheapest possible way (and the longest), while you spend money on remedies, quick fixes and distractions to take your mind off IBS – and you could be getting SO much more out of life. Do you realise just how much IBS is costing you – and the dreams you have pushed to the side.

8) Worrying that you will feel foolish (because you are assuming you won’t get the results you want.)

What if you COULD break free from IBS?

I’m on a mission to coach and support as many people as I can out of IBS.

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