How to take your mind off IBS


Life can get really serious when you have IBS. You spend a lot of time and energy trying to handle your IBS symptoms. How would you like to take your mind off your IBS and get a little respite? Even for an hour or so…

how to take your mind off your IBS

The benefits of fun on your health

When was the last time you had fun?

You may not feel in the mood for fun right now. Yet that could be EXACTLY what you need.

Fun and play may seem like optional extras, or even a little childish, but they are actually a VITAL PART of balance and wellbeing.

Most have us have forgotten how to play. We were brought up as human doings with lists of tasks to perform, not human beings.

So instead of putting it aside or only allowing play when all your tasks are done, consider putting it further up your to do list as part of your own self care.

How to take your mind off your IBS – and get more fun

If you’re feeling skeptical about how fun can help you take your mind off your IBS, why not experiment and see how you feel after a bit of fun.

You know better than anyone what used to make you grin.

It can take a couple of goes to get back in touch with that spark of fun inside you, but it is worth it!

If you have lost touch with fun and frivolity due to IBS, here are a few ideas to get you started:

take your mind off your IBS with bubbles

Blowing bubbles outside, as if you were playing with a 6 year-old. See if you can blow a really big one, or how many you can burst before they blow away! And allow yourself to gaze into the rainbow of colours in each bubble.

Bubbles are contagious fun too. Anyone that sees a bubble floating in the air can’t help but take a quick trip back into childhood!

Getting out a pencil and paper, even better coloured pencils/paints, and playing with them. It doesn’t matter “how good” the result is. Just let yourself play.

Try drawing a bumble bee, paint a flower, or just doodle and see where that takes you.

Take your mind off your IBS drawing or painting
Drawing by Bethany Vere
Take your mind off your IBS messing around

If you have other friends or family members around, blow up a couple of coloured party balloons and kick them around. Or fill them with water and use them as water bombs! Everyone will think you’ve gone mad – until they join in!

Alternatively, make yourself a new music playlist, or get family or friends to join in a karaoke hour together in person or on Skype or Zoom (vids and words on Youtube). Or maybe you have an instrument hanging around somewhere…

You could even read this article about lightening your load, and see where it takes you…

Finally, have a look on Youtube at any creative endeavour that looks like a total waste of time, and see what takes your fancy. Unlike your usual everyday activities, get into the fun of trying something new.

Either you will be WOWED by the result, or you’ll HAVE A GIGGLE at how bad it turned out.

Either way, you win!