IBS and having fun

IBS and having fun

IBS and having fun don’t usually feel like they go together. After all, it’s no fun at ALL dealing with IBS symptoms! But what if having more fun is EXACTLY what you need more of.

Why is this important? Vital even? Read the article and find out more.

Where did the fun go?

Do you remember fun? You know playing, giggling, messing around, getting creative, having fun.

When did life get SO serious?

Who turned out the lights? Where did that spark go?

IBS and having fun: the tug of war

IBS and NOT having fun

My younger daughter (17) has been developing digestive issues. And it’s easy to see what’s behind it.

I’m watching her battling with school.

Her hours are filled with “have-to’s”, learning stuff that adults have decided she should learn, along with hours of homework and the pressure of tests.

Fun has gone out of the window.

She gets great results – but her health is suffering.

The girl inside her justs wants a break!

Dealing with IBS symptoms: Falling to pieces with no fun
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She wants time to dream, to draw (that is her passion!), to play. Time to herself to have fun.

So there is this tug of war going on.

Work has taken over and there is no balance between work and play.

Her digestion and sleep have been affected – making life even more challenging.

She’s probably not the only teenager developing IBS like this…

What having fun can do for you

What about you?

When did you turn your back on that young, fun-loving and creative part of yourself?

And do what what “expected” of you instead?

In my coaching practice, successful clients reconnect with fun and what they truly enjoy doing (and eating!).

Although it’s really hard to do when you’re dealing with IBS symptoms, never underestimate the power of having fun.

Having fun is good for your health – and for your mojo! And maybe what life is really all about…

Finding the fun despite IBS symptoms

So here are a couple of quick questions for you:

What if fun and enjoyment are important for your health, and for IBS recovery?

Where are you ignoring that little boy or girl, because you have been told that hard work and responsability come first?

How can you give yourself more space for finding the fun this season – despite your IBS?