Made for More than IBS


Have you ever wondered if you were made for more than IBS? If life was really just about IBS, poop, pain, wind and limited food choices? Or if you are really meant for more than that?

Yes you are made for more than IBS

I too used to wonder if IBS was “just how it is”. Then one day, after 25 odd years of suffering I got angry.

I was sick of my life, sick of being sick, and sick of feeling like a let-down as a Mum, a partner and a colleague.

There just HAD to be more to life than this.

And that is when my journey out of IBS began.

What do YOU want instead?

Can you actually imagine a life without IBS?

Eating what you want when you want, where you want…

Whether you prefer a meal down in the local pub, or in a restaurant for Foodies.

No longer suddenly rushing off to the nearest loo. Not even needing to know where that is – just in case.

Feeling confident without any embarrassing symptoms or smells.

No longer wondering how you’re going to feel and whether you will be in a position to SAY YES to what you want to do.

Where you can RELAX, knowing you’re always OK and you can take on any challenge, or go after any long-lost DREAM with CONFIDENCE.

Even going on your dream holiday...

How do I get there?

Firstly it takes a firm decision and belief that are made for more. That you owe it to yourself to live your best life.

It takes a new perspective on tackling your IBS that is not just centred on “what you’re doing wrong”, food and meds. Instead you embark upon a powerful journey of self-discovery.

And it requires patience, persistence, and support. Taking baby steps with the solid belief that you can have more, be more, live more, love more. Even when you’re not getting results yet. Knowing that great improvement is on its way.

It becomes a question of WHEN, rather than if. And that’s a powerful place to be.

If you want to fast-track that journey, I’d love to be your guide.

You are made for more than IBS.

MUCH more!


About Alison ADENIS

Having battled with chronic IBS for YEARS, I finally found my way out of the IBS maze. I no longer suffer with any IBS symptoms. I understand why I had IBS, and how to break free of IBS symptoms. For good. I was compelled to create Sick of IBS and Reverse IBS Coaching to help other sensitive but determined IBS sufferers find their way out too, and powerfully reclaim vibrant health.