Master your IBS this year

mastering your IBS

To master your long-term IBS, you have to know how it works.

I had no real clue how long-term IBS works. There was so much conflicting information about diet, stress, fecal transplants, gut biome and probiotics, that I didn’t really have a clue what to do.

And after trying a truckload of different diets, products and practices, I didn’t feel much change.

And I was no closer to understanding how IBS works.

Until I finally saw it. After YEARS of searching.

Picture this

Imagine you’ve been delivered a car, but you, and no-one else knows how to use it. There are no instructions and you have never seen anyone driving a car like that before.

Most people will tell you it’s too dangerous to use. After all, it’s different and might blow up!

All you can do is experiment and try to work out what all the levers do.

how IBS works

Imagine that all you heard was that it was the grade of petrol you were putting in your car that made it work properly.

And obviously you aren’t using the right type! You’d spend long hours trying to find the right type.

Just to realise one day that you have an electric car…

Then you would probably spend a lot of time putting on the windscreen wipers –  and finally crunching gears, kangarooing and then stalling.

Because you don’t have the big picture of what operates what.

Imagine that on Google several experts said that driving with your windows open in all weathers is required for the car to work optimally.

Sounds a bit crazy, right.

Yet that’s what we’re doing with our IBS.

To make it even more complicated, we have a body (our car) but also a mind, feelings, and emotions.

And no real IBS handbook. Until now.

Mastering your long-term IBS

For a long time I researched how to master my body, so it wouldn’t suddenly have a flare-up at the worst time and sink all of my plans for the day.

Long-term IBS sinking my day

I could see what my body was doing, but I had no idea WHY it was doing that.

Or how it could change.

I kept reading stories on the microbiome quality of gut bacteria), and how it affected digestion and even thought.

And although all of that made sense, my enquiring mind wanted to know how we upset our microbiome in the first place.

But for that there was no straight answer.

It’s like the phrase I read everywhere “There is no known cause for IBS.

And yet millions of people suffer with IBS across the world!

That’s when I realised something important: You can’t change a situation if you don’t understand it.

You can’t change a situation if you don’t understand it

rubik's cube

I desperately wanted to understand the causes of my long-term IBS.

I had got to the point where my IBS was SO chronic that every day had become a harrowing experience.

Yes, there are worse experiences than IBS.

But when you wake up every single day after tossing all night with indigestion, and you immediately start bloating and having stomach cramps, that starts taking even the most optimistic person down.

One day I got mad and decided that this had to end – one way or another.

Following that decision I started stumbling on pieces of how to master my body. In books, in films. In learning much more about the mind, the body, energy, feelings and emotions.

It took me several years to piece the puzzle all this together and to realise the role that specific IBS triggers play in setting off flare-ups. Triggers that can be released.

But the result was fully understanding my IBS.

Not only mastering my body. but freeing it.

I haven’t had IBS for around 7 years now. And it’s such a different life!

Take it from me: Happiness is no longer having to deal with IBS.

Happiness is beating IBS

How do you see 2024?

You can carry on as you have been. And get more of the same. I say that really gently because I did that for many years. I know exactly just how disheartening and downright frustrating that is.

But know that there is a way to reverse your long-term IBS. And I can help you speed up your unique path to IBS recovery.

The key is unlearning everything you have ever learnt about IBS. And approaching it from a completely different angle.

It isn’t easy to reverse IBS. It takes time and courage. But it IS possible.