IBS: What’s your dream holiday?


IBS : What’s your dream holiday? Not the one you think you can have. The one you WANT?

Whether your dream holiday would be by the sea, visiting a city, or hiking in the mountains, I have news for you.

If you’re thinking “I wish, but I can’t travel with IBS”, then think again.

My dream holiday WITH IBS

Several years back I was lucky enough to be by the sea, lounging around a cool pool, while my husband and 2 daughters played together.

But I just couldn’t enjoy it.

I was tired, bloated and felt like a beached whale in my black swimsuit. I would have a quick dip (to avoid any accidents) then go back up to the room to peace and quiet and have a long shower.

Before starting to prepare the meal.

I was SO sick of preparing bland food! In fact I was sick of having to prepare ANY food.

And yet it seemed to be the only way I seemed to have any control over my IBS.

In fact even that was an illusion. So often I would be careful, and end up with a flare-up anyway.

I did my best to look cheerful and enthusiastic, even though I felt “blah” behind the mask.

Everything felt so damned predictable and empty. There were so many unlived dreams inside me.

But I just didn’t see how I could change anything.

Little did I know…

What is possible for me NOW

Fast forward a few years. All of this has changed. Who would have thought?

It took me over 3 years to break out of IBS by myself (I had no clue what I was doing), and around 5 to break free from food and chemical intolerance completely.

There was no IBS coach back then to get me there in months.

Today I can travel with IBS and totally relax about food. Somewhere will be open! I can eat and digest absolutely anything I fancy on the menu.

And toilets have become a non-issue. Just imagine that for yourself.

This is something I could only have dreamt of! In fact, I was convinced it just wasn’t possible for me.

I have more dreams now than I ever had. And I can see myself living them.

What do YOU really want as your dream holiday?

If you are low on hope, and all the medical websites tell you that there is no cure for IBS, think again.

What if next year you could feel so much better?

Take the decision that you are made for more than IBS – and that you want more.

dream holiday without IBS

Decide what your dream holiday looks like, without IBS.

Where do you really want to go?

Who with? (Maybe no-one!)

How do you want to feel?

What do you want to experience?

And start walking towards that goal every day. Even if you don’t know how, beliefs and action go a long way!

Take a step each day towards looking after yourself and being kind to yourself.

And if you are tired of going it alone and want to get there faster, why not get some help from someone who a few years ago was just like you.