What if IBS can be solved

solve your ibs

I had no idea that IBS can be solved. None. My IBS seemed like an impossible puzzle.

I would get back home at the end of August, unpack and have a strange but familiar sinking feeling come over me: Back to school. Back to workAnd back to IBS.

Although my IBS had never really left me, I had just had some space, and a little down time.

And just as I came up for breath, I had to get ready to do battle again. To get back on the merry-go-round of to-do lists, deadlines, and to top it all IBS flares.

4 months to Christmas. Again.

I had no idea how I could escape from that feeling. I had often tried, just to find myself right back there again every time. And each time my IBS symptoms seemed to get even worse.

So, as usual, I pushed through.

“Take meds” they told me.

“You’re eating the wrong foods!” they said.

“Just do these relaxation exercises!”

Why didn’t anyone UNDERSTAND?

Knocked down by IBS

Why couldn’t they get that I felt so deeply tired of it all.

And that I felt completely on my own to figure it out.

I was flailing.

No matter what I ate, I still got flare-ups and felt knocked to the ground.

Every time it took so much effort to get back up. I could never feel relaxed because I didn’t know when I would be knocked down again.

It became hard to be a functioning adult. Let alone “get ahead”.

I had no idea why I felt like that. My dreams seemed to have been put away into a cardboard box marked “Not for this life.”  and pushed to the dark far corner of a closet.

Gradually I became jaded. I put on my “I’m fine” mask, but inside I felt like I was slowly sinking. And my IBS flares were there to remind me of this.

Until one day when something decisive changed.

I was SO sick and tired of the whole thing. Inside of taking the symptoms and taking the hits,

I got up. And I got angry. I was meant for better than this!

I made a firm decision deep down inside me.

That day I decided that there was NO WAY I was going to continue like this – like a leaf in the wind. 

I decided I would be healthy, IBS-free and have my dreams SOMEHOW – or there was just no point carrying on.

And that decision was the start of a deep transformation. One in which I was shown, little by little, what was keeping me stuck. And I gradually climbed out of that flare-up chaos.

What if your IBS can be solved


Wouldn’t that be exciting?

Your IBS is not an impossible puzzle.

There is a rhyme and reason to your IBS, even though it doesn’t seem clear right now.

Take the time to take that deep decision that you are worth a healthy, fun, exciting IBS-free life.

And that you will solve your IBS – no matter what. Even if you don’t know how yet.

Look for the deep triggers behind your IBS. And release them. Get help with this.

Bring your dreams out of the closet – and get ready to live them.