What to do when IBS flares up


When your IBS flares up, it is too late to prevent it. Like a boulder rolling down the hill, once your flare-up is out of the gate there’s no stopping it. So what can you do when your IBS flares up to live through it better? And how can you stop IBS flares happening so often?

What to do BEFORE your IBS flares up

Notice the signal

signal when ibs flares

If you look closely there is often a pattern. You know the flare up is on its way because you have a specific signal.

For some people this is very noticeable (like rushing to the bathroom).

But for others it is more subtle. It may creep up on you as a feeling (for example feeling hot, nauseous or going pale). Or it may be a really subtle change of mood or energy level.

Even if you rush to the bathroom, there may be a signal BEFORE that. One that might help you avoid the embarrassing rush.

Other people may well notice this signal better than you do. So do get a trusted friend or colleague involved.

If you haven’t already, try to notice what signals to you that your IBS flare is starting. It will help you act earlier.

Let people know what you need

When you are in the midst of it, it may be really hard to articulate support you need from other people. So this is something to think through and put into place BEFORE your next IBS flare.

If you’re at work, you may need to get home fast. How can you put this into place? Who can help you?

Often we can get upset that other people don’t do what we need them too to care for us. But other people aren’t mind readers. It may be that they DO care, but have no clue how to help you. So help them by letting them know how they can help before you are in mid flare-up.

Get the rest you need

Many of us don’t allow ourselves to get the rest we need. We have busy lives, things to do and can’t just put everything on hold for IBS.

And yet rest is what our bodies need. It’s also what helps us get back on our feet faster.

If you had an accident and were rushed into hospital you would have no choice...

Where can you let other people help you rest when IBS flares up?

How to reduce or stop IBS flares

Back when I still sufffered from chronic IBS, I felt like my symptoms flared up randomly. It seemed that whatever I ate or did, I would still be caught off guard.

As a result I never knew how I would feel, or whether I would be in a fit state to do what I needed to do. It was a horrible place to be in.

I have since discovered that when IBS flares up, it does so for specific reasons. There is a process.

IBS flares up every time we hit one of our unique IBS triggers.

We often have a few main triggers that will set a flare in motion – which is why it appears to be random. When in fact there is a distinct pattern for each trigger.

My superpower is being able to spot these IBS trigger patterns in other people. (I had to find my own first!) And I coach clients how to release these unique triggers.

Once the trigger is no longer active, we move onto the next one. And as we do, the flare ups change and become less frequent. Until ultimately they stop setting off IBS flares and symptoms.