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six IBS triggers you must know

6 IBS triggers you MUST know about (and most people don’t)

Many IBS sufferers (and specialists!) focus only on diet and which FOODS can trigger your IBS symptoms. However, there are other important factors that may be setting your IBS regularly in motion. So get ahead. Here are 6 IBS triggers you must know about – and most people don’t… People [Of the 6 IBS triggers, this was by far the most powerful one for me!]… Read more
Am I stuck with food intolerance

IBS: Can I get rid of food intolerance? Well maybe! (Update)

I used to wonder if could be possible to get rid of food intolerance and feel “normal” again.  But I thought the chances of this were slim, or non-existant. If you have IBS, chances are that you, like me,  have developed some kind of food intolerance that is making your digestion, and life in general, painful.… Read more