Feeling alone with IBS? Don’t be.


If you’re feeling alone with your IBS, know that there are a LOT of IBS sufferers out there feeling exactly the same. They are putting on a brave face and trying to hide their IBS symptoms – just like you.

I used to do that too. For many years I felt alone behind the mask.

And like the IBS sufferer in this story, I used to try to carry on regardless. No-one else knew.

But as hard as I tried, all the good things in life seemed to have got up and left.

You’ve “just got IBS”

So, you’ve had your colonoscopy.

When you are told you have “nothing wrong” it’s a major relief.

However it is elating and deflating at the same time.

You having nothing seriously wrong. So why do you feel so crappy?

If you are feeling alone with IBS, don’t be. Help is here.

No-one seems to know where IBS comes from, or how to get better. I do.

Your doctor’s response is probably to give you medication. Personally I have only taken anti-spasmodics and anti-acids, and used them only when really necessary. I chose to steer well clear of antidepressants and other such “treatments” as to me they were just covering up IBS. I tried faith healers, who gave me some relief, hypnosis which also improved things. But I was stabbing around in the dark.

There are a few leads on official specialized websites, but little specific information:

“Stress makes IBS worse”

No doubt, and we get really stressed trying to lead normal lives and dealing with the distressing and often embarrassing symptoms…

“Diet change may help”

Well, that doesn’t give you much information, does it. Why?

Because everyone is different and we all have our own form of IBS that is specific to us, which makes all the “information” on treating IBS very vague.

Feeling alone with IBS? Don’t be. I now know the answers.

I am convinced I have found all the parts to the puzzle after 25 years of looking for solutions and reversing all of my IBS symptoms.

IBS is complex. Not only are there different types of IBS symptoms (IBS-I, IBS-D and IBS-C) but we all react to our lives in different ways. The causes and symptoms of our IBS will be specific to each of us. We have to find our own keys and understand how and why we are reacting.

Have a look at all the symptoms I have beaten. Can you see yours?

You have probably developed a unique set of IBS triggers and reactions to what your mind perceives as threats.  These pre-programme our reactions and set our IBS in motion.

Once you know where to look, beating IBS becomes possible.


About Alison ADENIS

Having battled with chronic IBS for YEARS, I finally found my way out of the IBS maze. I no longer suffer with any IBS symptoms. I understand why I had IBS, and how to break free of IBS symptoms. For good. I was compelled to create Sick of IBS and Reverse IBS Coaching to help other sensitive but determined IBS sufferers find their way out too, and powerfully reclaim vibrant health.