IBS and the fitted kitchen

IBS fitted kitchen

Emma loved good food. But she was stuck on bland food, the foods “she was allowed” – the ones that hopefully wouldn’t start off an IBS flare-up. But that was never certain.

Her dream was to have a fitted kitchen. And no IBS.

She wanted a room that was spacious, full of light and beautiful doors and drawers. A fantastic quartz counter. And an island that family and friends could sit around while she cooked.

Emma looked into prices of her dream kitchen. She had read that a kitchen overhaul could cost anywhere between £10,000 and £30,000. It was something she’d been wanting for a long time.

One day in her late 40’s, Emma decided that it was about time she got her dream kitchen. She didn’t want it to turn up when she was 90! So she had plans drawn up, and found a trustworthy company to do the job.

IBS kitchen

The project took several challenging weeks of dust and noise. But she was overjoyed at the result. Her beautiful fitted kitchen was hers at last!

She bought brand new pots, pans and accessories to go with the new look. And then thought about who she could invite to celebrate and what she could prepare.

Emma realized that actually she didn’t tend to invite people around much anymore because food and drink had become a battlefield with IBS. And people had stopped asking her round too…

But she sent out a few invites for a cheese and wine party, and most people said they could make it. On the evening, they all excitedly turned up, ready to admire her new kitchen and enjoy the party.

IBS cheese and wine

While everyone was enjoying the gorgeous cheeses she had found at that little village shop, and the exquisite wine someone at work had recommended….. Emma suddenly felt surprisingly alone.

She knew her IBS would flare with even the smallest glass of wine. And a piece of cheese would set off her IBS. And that she would pay for it for the next couple of days – at least.

So she sipped her wine glass of water and quickly hid her feelings behind her usual mask, pretending all was well. But inside she felt deeply denied.

When everyone had gone home, Emma wept a few tears. She had this amazing kitchen she had dreamt of, she had prepared a tasty evening that everyone had loved.

Despite all that, she felt deep down like life had no taste left for her.

She couldn’t enjoy drinks, parties, celebrations, family events or even holidays any more. She was stuck in her IBS kitchen, with IBS provoking wine and cheese, on an island with bland food and IBS.

Maybe you are too?

This is how I felt for years before I turned my IBS around. And this is why I do the work I do.

Because there is absolutely NOTHING in life you can truly enjoy when you suffer from IBS.

When do we start?