Find solutions when your IBS is different

Stuck as everyone's IBS is different

Everyone’s IBS is different, and there is no “one size fits all”. Your IBS is different.

If you have been looking for solutions for your IBS symptoms for some time, you have probably noticed that while one thing may be THE SOLUTION for one person, it doesn’t necessarily work for YOU.


You can get the idea that because everyone’s IBS is different, no-one can help you. And you feel stuck. There seems to be no way out of your prison.

I understand this because I used to feel this way too. At one point I felt really hopeless and helpless because my doctor didn’t have any answers for me (which is not surprising because IBS is complex, and my doctor had no first hand experience of it).

But just think for a moment.

All cancer sufferers are different too.

Yet that doesn’t stop them experimenting and searching for their solution.

Chemotherapy doesn’t work for everyone.

But would that stop you trying?

YOU still have time

Luckily IBS isn’t life threatening (even though it robs you of so much).

You’re not at the stage where you have nothing to lose.

Instead you are at the stage where you have everything to gain.

You still have time to find your way out of IBS and live fully.

[This is possible. I have done it.]

You still have time to find your energy, drive and motivation again.

You even still have time to enjoy food again as a pleasure, not as an enemy.

To have fun, to travel, to enjoy life. Whatever lights you up.

Would you want to miss out on that?

How to move forward when YOUR IBS is different

The only way to move forward is to EXPERIMENT. To take action, to try out something that has worked for someone else.

If you don’t take action, you can stay stuck a long time. While your life ticks on by, and others are having all the fun!

Actually, it’s NOT because your IBS is unique to you that there are no answers.

We are all a little different. For sure.

But we tend to forget that we are all essentially human beings.

We have far more in common with each other than we have different.

Our differences will lie in our life experiences, our difficulties and challenges, our perspectives and our specific IBS triggers.

(And you would even be surprised just how many of these we can have in common.)

The most difficult part

Your IBS is different, and familiar

The most difficult part of all this is seeing ourselves.

We are so used to living and thinking in the same way since forever that we can’t necessarily see where we are stuck.

Without outside help there is no way I would be IBS free today.

I just couldn’t see what I couldn’t see.

So my advice is don’t go this alone.

Get a trusted friend, family member or partner onboard.

And get outside help when you need it. You will waste much less time, and step out of IBS much faster this way.

Would you like to join me?