IBS-C: When you’ve got to go!

When you've got to go with IBS-C

With IBS, when you’ve got to go, there’s no waiting around. It’s now. Right now!

That’s the problem I used to have with IBS-C. I would be regularly constipated for days and days (even weeks) – and then suddenly I got that feeling.

It was urgent. And it happened at the most inconvenient times! I had to scuttle off and find the nearest public toilet which hopefully would be vacant and have sufficient loo roll.

Stressful to say the least!

If you suffer with IBS-C, maybe you can relate:)

IBS-C: When you've got to go and there's no paper

IBS: When you’ve got to – out shopping

I had never really noticed a pattern to this.

But it did seem that every time I went grocery shopping, I would be half way through when the need to suddenly “go” came upon me. So I had to abandon my trolley in the middle of the shop and find the nearest toilet. Fast!

For a long time I wondered if there was something about supermarkets that created some sort of trigger in me. And then I read about other IBS sufferers who experienced that very same problem.

That piqued my curiosity!

IBS: Choosing when you’ve got to go

I accidentally came across a way of getting more control over when I had to go talking to my daughter one day.

During the schools holidays when she was awake she loved to chat about different things she had going on in her life, or things that interested her. She generally didn’t open up much, so I stood there and listened attentively.

To avoid getting backache I swayed my hips gently side to side, putting the weight on one hip, then the other.

Surprisingly, after about 10-15 minutes, I got the urge to go. And dashed of to the nearby toilet.

Here’s the thing.

I noticed that every time we chatted, this would happen if I didn’t sit down.

I thought back to the supermarket. Could this be similar to moving slowly with a trolley and leaning from side to side picking up products?

My conclusion is this. Most of us spend an enormous amount of time sitting down. We notice the time we spend exercising or walking. However we don’t realise just how much time we sit down to eat, to watch TV, to go on FB, to read.

Many of us are sat at a computer during the day for hours on end too. Then we lie down and go to bed.

sitiing down

Could there indeed be something in this?

Try this out

So if you suffer with IBS-C and have the chance, try this out for yourself this weekend:

During the morning (it seemed to work best then) try standing up for 10-15 minutes and swaying your hips gently from side to side.

And see if you get the urge to go.

After all, it’s much better when you’ve got to go in your own house than on the way somewhere.

Let me know how you get on!

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