How to soothe your IBS during the Coronavirus scare


Life has been a little anxiety-ridden recently for all of us with the Coronavirus scare. Which is why I thought an article on soothing your IBS could come in handy.

You have probably experienced people around you worrying about how to protect themselves, panic-buying like crazy.

And for those of us who are confined, that unsettling feeling of everything going downhill fast can be very strong at times:)

And to top it all, you have most likely have worse IBS than usual.

Why your IBS symptoms are worse

This scare is bringing up a great deal of fear across the world.

And no matter who we are, we have all experienced some fear of some sort of the last few days. I’m generally a calm person these days, but I got swept up in that fear pulse a couple of times.

If this has happened to you, it’s totally normal. It’s what human beings do.

Maybe you are noticing just how much your fearful feelings and thoughts actually make your body physically react.

I’m sharing with you what I have been using to calm the storm. In case you need some help to soothe your IBS right now.

How to soothe your IBS

There are many ways you can use to soothe your fearful thoughts – and your IBS, including breathing. While they may not fix everything with a swoop of a magic wand, any improvement is worth having, right?

I have been using music to soothe me these last days. These are my favourite tracks. But don’t stop there. See if you can find your own too:

Ajeet Kaur Live

I call this one a lullaby for adults, because it helps me to feel really peaceful. In fact, this music brings me back to the essentials and soothes my soul.

I no longer suffer with IBS, but I reckon this would be a powerful tool to soothe your IBS, and any nervousness you might be experiencing.

Even if you aren’t a fan of anything New Age or churchy, just close your eyes and listen.

To supercharge the chill effect, close your eyes and really LISTEN to it.

Celtic soothing

This enchanting music by Peder B. Helland takes you for a soothing walk into a different world where the Coronavirus doesn’t exist.

Peace mantra

If you can’t travel at the moment because of the Coronavirus, this music has a really exotic flavour to it, even though it’s interpreted by Tina Turner.

So you’ll probably find your body wants to move around too Bollywood style!

I’m not a mantra fan, but wishing the world peace at the moment (and having a sing-song doing it) can’t do any harm, can it?

The meaning of the words (which I assume are in Hindi) are given at the end of the song.

Nature to soothe your IBS

nature to soothe your IBS symptoms


Just open your window and listen to the birds chirping.

They aren’t worried about the Coronovirus.

The birds aren’t even worried where their next meal is coming from.

They are just living, getting the best out of today.

If you can go out for a walk in nature (or have a garden) remember that nature has a natural soothing effect.

If you can’t, just look out of your window and see what nature is up to.

Let me know if you found any of these helpful, and click on the heart if you liked the article:)