IBS is a big job

IBS a big job

If you have been trying to solve your IBS for a long time, there may be something you are missing. IBS is a big job, much bigger than you probably realise.

Back before I beat IBS for good, I would do what I see many other IBS sufferers doing:

When my IBS was really bad I would start trying different things to feel better.

However, although I said I wanted to beat IBS, my focus wasn’t really on that.

I dabbled in quick fixes, while my real priority was on all the things I had to do, like work, chores, looking after my family, etc.

Maybe you can relate.

Why “dabbling” won’t get you there

What I didn’t realise was that this IBS thing was actually a lot bigger than I thought.

Trying things for your IBS is a little like painting a large house single-handed – with a small paintbrush.

solve IBS

Every day you get mad with your IBS and you do a little something after your day’s work and responsibilities.

It’s like taking a small brush and dabbing some paint on the wall.

You never really get anywhere. Nothing really changes.

In other words, to beat IBS, you have to be willing to approach your IBS as a big job. And give it what it takes.

  • You need to find and invest in resources that will help you do the job well.
  • Then you need to invest regular time and focus on it.
  • And above all, you need to keep on going and finish the job.

This is not something you can dabble at.

So going for one session of Reiki or trying a bit of exercise or a new food once won’t get you there.

You’ve got to be all in, as if your IBS is a big job, and keep going for as long as it takes.

Consistency is key.

How long does it take to beat IBS?

IBS is a big job

Everyone is different.

In my case, the long haul was over 3 years of focusing several hours every single day on researching and experimenting. Often failing, sliding backwards, but keeping going, not even knowing if there would ever be land in sight. (According to offical medical websites, IBS can’t be cured, only managed!)

But I had no-one to show me how to understand IBS more clearly or to get there faster.

The trickiest part was to not lose faith and give up. And to stay focused.

Thankfully the long haul can be much shorter than that! Over time I have distilled my knowledge, experience and training into a potent approach that usually takes clients 6 months.

Six months can seem long going forward. But when you have solved your worst IBS symptom, you’ll see that it was actually an amazing shortcut!

Learning to help yourself

You will notice that with a lot of modalities that you get the benefit for a while… But you keep having to go back.

Why is this? Because someone is doing for or to you, what you need to learn to do for yourself.

My advice is to get the help of someone who has first-hand experience of IBS, and can help you clearly understand your IBS.

And teach you how to release it yourself.

In my coaching practice, at first I help clients them find their IBS triggers. Because triggers can be SO familiar that you can’t see them easily.

Then I guide them in releasing those triggers. And have them practice doing this themselves until they are proficient at it.

My aim is for a person to become powerful around their health, solve their IBS and fly!

Here is a success story to give you a taste of what this is like.