Without IBS

Without irritable bowel syndrome symptoms

Without IBS, all your problems in life are not magically solved. But when you no longer have hassly IBS symptoms, a lot of them are!

This is what no longer having IBS actually looks like – from someone who has been through long-term IBS and out the other side.

You sleep better


I remember not so long ago going to bed exhausted, turning a lot in the night with IBS symptoms.

And then waking up to IBS, feeling as if I hadn’t slept much. But I would drag myself out of bed, take the kids to school and go to work. Even when I felt like a zombie.

Needless to say, I didn’t get much enjoyment out of that. And despite my best efforts, neither did my kids or other people around me.

Even though I was doing my best, IBS was weighing heavily in the balance.

Fast forward: Most mornings I get up feeling good. I still turn a little sometimes (my hair tells me that) but I actually feel well rested, awake, and in a good mood. I finally have clear focus to get things done more easily.

Going through the day

Before I just tried to get through the day. The bloating pulled a lot and hijacked my focus A LOT.

I felt like a puffer fish.

And I didn’t really enjoy anything much – even though I tried to.

And just when I thought my IBS was improving, a flare-up would come out of nowhere and sink my day.

Maybe you can relate. It’s SO maddening!

You can imagine how much I appreciate living finally without all of that constant IBS hassle.

Not having to know where the next toilet is.

No having to stuff my bag with my “just-in-case” supplies.

Not having to watch what I eat. Not having to have a plan B.

With IBS your life can become a Plan B

When life with irritable bowel syndrome symptoms becomes a plan B

I didn’t notice it happening, but little by little I abandoned my plan A. And repeatedly downsized my life to become a plan B.

If I’m honest, very little of what I actually wanted to do, be or feel actually came off.

Just because IBS took up so much damned space, time and energy.

I would plan fun things – and have to cancel.

I would summon up my courage and stretch myself into new areas – just to have that sharply ping back on me like an elastic band.

And most days became a slow slog.

UNTIL I changed course and decided this was going to change.

Having a meal without IBS

no IBS

When you no longer have IBS, eating becomes what it should be – a pleasure.

Ditch the IBS diet you’ve been on forever.

You can eat anywhere you like, order what you fancy from the menu.

There is choice, deliciousness, and fun in the whole process.

There is no anxiety around IBS symptoms any more:

No more feeling uneasy about if and when you will have to rush out.

No more having to rush off to the bathroom in the middle of the meal

Or feeling embarrased about that

No wondering when your next flare-up will kick in.

Or what you will or won’t digest.

Instead you can relax, enjoy the food and the company fully, and actually be present.

Can you imagine that for yourself?

Lova and all that without IBS

Finding love is easier without irritable bowel syndrome symptoms

Without irritable bowel syndrome symptoms, you can feel much more confident than before.

There’s no embarrassement, wierd noises, or having to rush off.

To be honest, for me love and all that have NOT improved since I left behind my IBS.

I was lucky to marry someone who didn’t care about my IBS and was supportive. However, since Covid my husband has developed mental health challenges, and has become a different, closed-off person.

It’s my turn to love and support him beyond his current challenges.

And to learn to love myself more too. It’s quite a journey!

So getting rid of IBS doesn’t solve EVERYTHING. Yes, you will likely have other challenges in your life.

But not having IBS has made me feel much stronger, more resilient and capable. More confident – and back focused on living my Plan A.

And that, for me, is priceless.

Claim your IBS-free life of more freedom and more fun NOW.

You’ll be glad you did.

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