IBS and self-awareness

IBS and self-awareness

When trying to unravel your IBS, self-awareness is such a major key. Knowing how you think, feel and act. Understanding why. And getting help to change unhelpful reactions and behaviour.

No-one teaches us self-awareness.

We don’t generally learn it from our parents, or at school.

Often we come to the conclusion that there is something wrong with us.

Because other people don’t feel and act the way we do.

Or so we think…

Well this book proves the contrary.

This week I wanted to recommend a book that started the ball rolling for me. It helped me gain more self-awareness and see that how I acted and reacted was, in fact, reassuringly common. Not only that, there were essential reasons why.

This book with the bold title of “Reinventing Your Life” was written by two highly respected psychologists, Jeffrey E. Young and Janet S. Klosko.

The book essentially looks into the eleven main lifetraps they saw in their many patients. They look at each of them in detail, how a person sees, feels, and the relative behaviour a person can have.

There is a quiz at the beginning to establish which lifetraps you may have, and then detailed chapters on each.

If the quiz scoring drives you mad (I was experiencing brain fog at the time and just couldn’t do it), just reading through the chapters is enough to see yourself mirrored back.

IBS and self-awareness

I found this particularly useful to get a broad lense view of why I felt and acted in certain ways.

And the real juice was understanding the roles other family members had played and why i.e. what THEIR lifetraps were all about. Understanding that helped me to start appeasing some of that repressed anger I held towards them.

This book helped me better understand situations I had lived through.

Once you gain this self-awareness and see and understand your own lifetraps, you are never quite the same again. You can start moving forward. And start looking for your IBS trigger loops.

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