IBS and Worry: Something to lighten your load


Worry and IBS

At the moment it is particularly challenging for all of us to not let IBS and worry take over. So this week I’m going to share a simple but effective tip to take some of the tension off. 

Before the pandemic

Back before the pandemic, when life was “normal” I used to be very good at worrying.

I was always glued to my watch, thinking about my “to-do” list, and getting through the day. And I was obsessed with being on time, getting things done.

Then my job was axed.

Although I didn’t have to get to work, I still kept on being nervously busy.

Worrying about finances, about finding another job, about everything.

Some of those financial worries were legitimate ones – although worrying didn’t actually help much. The others were just out of habit.

Yes, worrying had somehow become a habit, and one I found hard to do anything about.

I couldn’t concentrate. I was stressed all the time, running around and getting nowhere.

The deep breathing I have mentioned several times before did help to ground me, but I was still clockwatching like mad.

Taking my mind off IBS and worry became a real challenge.

Some words of wisdom

One day I came across an article on Reiki energy healing. The first principle of traditional Reiki that practitioners are asked to incorporate into their lives is this:

“Just for today, I will not worry.”

I found this quite inspiring, so I put it on my desktop, where I could see it. And occasionally I would look up see it and think “Yes, just for today, I will not worry!”

And what seemed like just a few words became a powerful tool.

Just for today I will not worry

A few weeks later my watch stopped.

I couldn’t live without my watch, so I rushed out and bought a new battery.

I changed the battery but the watch wouldn’t go. So I tried another battery.

But it wouldn’t go again. And when putting it back together I managed to break the outer casing.

So I sent off for a new one, but that meant I was without a watch for a week.

I would glance at a clock or at my phone to see where I was in the day. When my watch turned up I was very pleased.

But I found that I didn’t actually use it much.

Something had shifted.

Those little words of wisdom “Just for today, I will not worry”‘ seemed to have entered my brain.

I had let go of something.

How to use this right now to lessen IBS and worry

I will not worryWhy not copy this image and put it on your desktop, or phone?

Or you could pin it on Pinterest.

If you like playing with graphics or drawing, why not make your own version?

Or you could just simply write “Just for today, I will not worry” on a post-it note.

Put it somewhere where you can see it, where you will be reminded that right now, you’re OK. Despite the chaos.

In these challenging times our IBS and worry can get stirred up in a second!

So when you wobble, come back to those words of wisdom.

And let “Just for today” become every day if you want it to.

I still have days when I wobble – and that’s OK. It’s not about being perfect. It’s about being how you want to be more often.

Worrying stops us from being our best, and finding smart solutions (AND can light up IBS flare-ups too).

Consciously taking a step back provides a powerful alternative.

Just for today, I will not worry.