How Reiki can help relieve your IBS symptoms


IBS and Reiki

Can Reiki help you get IBS symptom relief? It did for me. Reiki energy work gave me some temporary but welcome relief from my IBS symptoms when I MOST needed it.

According to Chinese medicine, the balanced flow of energy through our bodies is necessary for health. Reiki is an alternative therapy, a means of unblocking and rebalancing that energy flow. And Reiki can be beneficial if you have IBS.

Reiki and IBS symptom relief

During my experience with IBS there were times I felt like I had hit a wall. I was mentally and physically exhausted from flare-ups and the vicious circle of IBS These were times when my health took a turn for the worst, and it felt like my energy and my morale just fell through the floor.

One day I felt so desperate I decided to contact a Reiki practitioner I had been recommended. I remembered that a relative had found this really helped them with a medical problem. So I went along, not really knowing what to expect.

I made the mistake of just going once and thinking it would work like some magic wand.

Although I went just once, I came out feeling more grounded and appeased, emptied of my whirring  thoughts and emotions. After a few days, I found I had more energy and my digestion had improved somewhat. Above all, I had less bloating and abdominal cramps.

Inevitably those symptoms came back over time as the causes had not been resolved.

My mind was still running the show. But it was great to find something I could fall back on when I really needed it!

What is the difference between Reiki and Acupuncture?

Some practitioners consider Reiki as acupuncture without the needles“. Personally, I think of acupressure being more like this, although there are no needles in Reiki either.

Traditionally, Reiki uses the flow of energy through the practioner’s hands to “magnetize” and re-establish the flow of energy where it is blocked. (In French, the word for energy practitioner is magnetiseur.)

Although many Reiki practioners have knowledge of the meridians, they “feel” or sense the energy blockages directly through their hands.

IBS and Reiki: What happens in a Reiki session

Reiki, chakras and auras and IBS

Reiki energy work may look very strange and mystical, but it really isn’t.

It has its roots in quantum physics and has been used for centuries as an ancient healing technique.

Everyone has this energy field.  Some people have a particular sensitivity to the energy in and around us and cultivate this, while others don’t.

Depending on the practitioner you may be asked to stand and hold onto a chair while the person makes moves with his hands behind your back. This can feel and seem strange, but it is just part of a rebalancing process or a way of charging you with energy.

Generally you are asked to lie down fully clothed, as you would if you were having a beauty treatment. The Reiki practitioner will usually start by placing his hands over your eyes or above the crown of your head for a few minutes. They will then proceed to check each energy center (chakra) in the body.

Many Reiki practitioners will not need to touch you, but just place their hands a few centimetres above your body. Others prefer to use a hands-on approach.

A session will often last from 45-60 minutes, the time for energy to be applied to all the chakras going from the head down to the feet. At the end, the practitioner will use both hands to “wipe” any remaining energy around your body down to your feet.

What a Reiki practitioner feels during a session

After recovering from IBS, I discovered the sensation of energy, and practiced as a Reiki Master. So I can tell you what I feel.

When energy is required in a person’s body it creates a sensation in my hands. This can be tingling, or a rush of energy through the palms of my hands.

The rush is created when the energy in part of their body is imbalanced and needs or “calls” energy to help rebalance it. When the energy becomes balanced again, I lose the sensation in my hands and move to the next chakra.

If there is a physical wound or inflammation, the energy helps to relieve it by supporting the body’s own healing mechanisms.

How the person receiving Reiki can feel

Reiki and temporary IBS symptom reliefYou may have some sensations that start up – or nothing at all.

You may find you stomach starts gurgling, or you may have a tingling sensation in a totally different part of the body.

Whether you have sensations or not, the energy is doing the necessary work of rebalancing.

Reiki energy can support you and appease mental and physical tension to a certain degree.

After the first session I felt very tired for the next following days. This may not be the case with you, but bear this eventuality in mind and plan the session at the end of your working week when you can find time to rest if needed.

The following sessions allow a deeper rebalancing, so it is really worth having at least 4 to sessions get the full benefit.

What IBS symptoms can Reiki can help you improve

  • General tonus and energy levels if you are badly in need of a boost
  • It can help temporarily ease constipation and diarrhea
  • Reiki can help reduce inflammation in any part of the body (including intestines and any part of the digestive tract) and supports the body’s own healing mechanisms.
  • It can help you to appease strong emotions and an over-taxed nervous system
  • This Reiki principle can also help reduce worry and anxiety.
  • Reiki energy can relieve physical pain

Most people will experience some welcome TEMPORARY relief. 

How to get more than temporary relief

Reiki energy work generally brings you temporary relief.

But what if you actually want to break free of IBS instead? That’s what I went on to do, and today I no longer suffer from chronic IBS. And this is the work I do with clients in my coaching practice.

Reversing your IBS is possible when you are ABSOLUTELY sick of IBS and ready for change.

It requires more from you than Reiki does: More time, focus, perseverance and personal investment.

And it requires finding and working with your specific IBS triggers. But it is SO worth it.

If you are ready to ditch the quick fixes and get the results you are craving, why not work with me?