When bowel movements change for the better

When your bowel movements (BM's) change for the better

When your bowel movements change for the better, you won’t believe it at first. Especially when you are used to your bowel movements being painful, stuck and rare, or sudden and watery.

You’ve no doubt tried lots of solutions in a desperate attempt to “manage” your constipation or diarrhea. They may have helped some. But they didn’t get you all the relief you are looking for.

What you need to know about IBS and bowel movements

IBS isn’t a disease, but a condition. It’s a set of reactions to a set of triggers.

What you really want to find are the few specific triggers that are creating havoc with your BM’s.

Once you really get this, you will stop spending time and energy on the things that only scratch the surface. And focus on what will move the needle for your bowel movements.

IBS triggers of painful BM's or watery BM's

IBS triggers come in all shapes and sizes. And yours will be unique to you.

Everything that annoys, frustrates, scares us or makes us feel bad has the potential of being one of our IBS triggers.

And the biggest tripwires are the invisible ones that trip us up often. They are so much “part of the furniture” that you don’t notice them any more. But they are there, messing with your bowels.

The real gold is finding one of your IBS triggers that sets off your specific kind of bowel movements. And releasing it. That’s how you’ll make a change in your bowel movements.

You will never be the same because you will mentally and physically register that cause and effect – and have a totally new experience. You won’t trust it at first. But quickly you will realise that something has really changed.

And then something truly magical happens.

You find yourself eating something you never do any more. Because of the consequences. Probably one of the foods you love the most. And really enjoying it.

And just when usually you would have a flare-up – you don’t.

You get a good night’s sleep instead.

When you have this new experience for yourself, your IBS world changes.

IBS freedom

This happened recently in my coaching practice (actually it happens a lot).

After just a couple of sessions my client suddenly went from religiously eating gluten-free everything, to ordering a regular hamburger and savouring it like it was the best thing she had ever tasted.

She had forgotten she “wasn’t supposed to”. Usually she would have had to rush off to the bathroom in the middle.

Here’s what happened next. She finished her meal and went shopping.

She had NO reaction whatsoever. None. Her husband couldn’t believe it!

Now you may be thinking “Whad’ya mean she FORGOT? How can you possibly FORGET?

I know. I would have thought the same back when I hade flare-ups every single day.

And that’s the magic of releasing a trigger at it’s root. And becoming an IBS Success Story.

That symptom you have been battling with for YEARS and has been the bane of your life suddenly becomes a non-issue.

Believe me, that IS freedom!