IBS : Our obsession with “trusted” solutions

our obsession with trusted solutions

We are all looking for safety, certainty, and trusted solutions to problems. But in so doing, we only allow ourselves to look at certain solutions. And shut out the rest, leaving little room for innovative, more effective approaches:

Covid-19 and trusted solutions

At the moment in France we have a dilemma: continuing to only use trusted solutions – or saving lives.

An experienced microbiologist, Professor Didier Raoult connected the dots between the coronavirus and malaria. So he suggested using chloroquine, a treatment for malaria, on Covid-19 patients.

Even though this treatment has been used to treat malaria, and side effects are known, there is great hesistancy to use this for those suffering with Coronavirus. Because the treatment has not been tested for use on this virus.

This is typically a 2-year process. But we don’t have 2 years…

Professor Raoult is convinced that this could be a major life-saver. So far he has treated 1000 patients, and there has been only one death. He underlines the fact that chloroquine needs to be administered during the first few days of contracting the virus to be fully effective.

Yet the French Minister of health has only authorized Chloroquine for serious hospital cases. He considers that without more clinical test, the treatment cannot be prescribed to the public, or be used for non-severe cases.

How many other innovative solutions might there be out there, right now, that tunnel vision and the need for certainty is excluding?

And how difficult is it to be heard?

How much of a risk is this really?

I know for sure that if I had the Coronavirus, I would like to have the choice of going to my doctor and getting a prescription for Chloroquine if necessary.

What about you?

IBS and trusted solutions

Luckily IBS is a condition, not a virus or disease.

However, the vast majority of doctors and GI specialists are concentrating on digestion and food.

This wouldn’t be a problem, except for the fact that 10-15% of the population is suffering with IBS, and that the treatments prescribed give temporary relief – but don’t actually address the root causes of IBS.

Researchers and specialists are mainly concentrating on the digestive tract. And how you can “manage” symptoms.

But do you have any tangible actionable plan to get rid of your IBS?

And is it working? I mean really working – not just a little better so long as you stand on one leg, juggle 3 balls and eat only plants!

Are you fully back to how you were before, enjoying food and free to go out without being chained to a toilet?

Are you sticking to “trusted”, even if trusted is keeping you stuck?

If not, what proven alternatives are you willing to try out?

(And that you can do from your own home during this period of social distancing?)

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