The best time to beat IBS

The best time to beat IBS

Is there a best time to beat IBS? In my experience there are two best times.

You can reverse IBS outside of these time periods if you are determined enough. But there are times when life circumstances make this easier.

The best time to beat IBS

The first best time to beat IBS

The best time is before having a family. Many IBS sufferers start having their first symptoms as young adults.

There is a sweet spot in a person’s life when they are working, but haven’t yet had any children.

Even though they may feel really busy, they’re not – but don’t realise it yet!

They have time to focus, along with money and energy to spend on themselves that will be taken up as soon as they have family. So this is the best time to beat IBS in many respects.

This is particularly the case for women whose lives are directly impacted by pregnancy and the birth.

When you suffer from IBS, pregnancy can be complicated. IBS symptoms can really make pregnancy more challenging and tiring than necessary.

Then, as soon as a baby arrives, quite naturally we tend to give it all our free time and energy.

Even for men, this can be a time of worry with a perceived added burden of becoming the breadwinner. Even in today’s world.

Which is why I recommend tackling IBS ideally before you decide to become a parent.

What stops young adults from doing this is that they haven’t yet exhausted the medical route. And many have received the “information” that IBS has no know cure. So they try to manage it and struggle on by.

Whereas reversing IBS beforehand would allow them to enjoy and be more sucessful with all aspects of their life.

Let’s face it, IBS is a heavy burden to carry.

The next best time to beat IBS

The next best time to beat IBS in my opinion is when the kids have flown the nest, or are independant. This tends to be the time, especially for women, where they feel that they can finally take time for themselves.

Reversing IBS isn’t a quick fix. It does take time, money, energy and focus.

Many of my clients are at this stage, where they are sick and tired of having IBS hanging over them, and want to claim better health for thermselves-  and above all claim freedom.

The freedom to eat what they want to without paying for it later. The freedom to go where they like and do what they like when they like. To travel and explore the world without looking for the next toilet.

best time to beat IBS when the kids have flown the nest

They have tried “all the things” but haven’t broken through. But they are courageous enough to keep going. They have decided they want more from life.

It is my delight to help them see and release their IBS triggers. And access a totally new experience of life that they never thought they could.  

What if you don’t have children?

Then the best time to beat IBS could be NOW. When you have decided you are made for more than IBS.

And your IBS is driving you sufficiently mad to push you to take the leap!