IBS : Trust yourself

Trust yourself more with your IBS

Have you ever had the feeling that you know your body better than anyone – yet you don’t trust yourself? My advice is to trust yourself more with your IBS.

For some unknown reason, we are taught from a young age that we don’t know:

At home, we don’t know. Parents do.

At school, we don’t know. The teachers do.

At work, we don’t know. Our boss does.

And regarding our health, we don’t know. Doctors do.

Trust yourself more with your IBS

It is of great use to learn from others, to seek to understand more, or differently.

But even though you have been taught that “you don’t know”, deep down you know a great deal.

If you are willing to trust it.

I recently had a lady write in who was convinced she had gallstones, but no-one would listen to her.

Her suffering went on for years. She knew this deep down, and finally insisted to have her gallstones checked out. Despite several hurdles, she did. And felt SO much better.

There are many stories on IBS forums of other people who have trusted what they felt was true.

And they had their finger EXACTLY where it needed to be. For them.

In my own story moving out of IBS, I had tried what everyone else said for some 25 years to no avail. By finally relying on my own knowing, along with tools and research other gifted people provided, I surprisingly found my own way out.

We forget

We forget to trust our own deep knowing.

At home, you knew. You could see what the adults around you couldn’t see – or what they were trying to hide.

At school, you knew the system was “off”.

At work, you know what your boss/company really needs to be doing differently.

In your body, you may not understand everything about your IBS, but you know a lot. If you allow yourself to ditch all the have-to’s and shoulds about IBS, you may well have an inkling of what could help you the best. Trust it.

I’m not by any means saying we should ignore specialists.

When we don’t know (and we don’t always), it’s common sense to ask someone with greater understanding and knowledge in a particular area. And we can get some extremely useful input.

However, you live in your body 27/7. You know YOU.

And you are resourceful. Much more so than you have been brought up to think that you are.

Trust yourself more with your IBS.

You are first and foremost your own specialist. 

Stay open to input and learning – but don’t let anyone talk you out of what you know or feel deep down.